eBay Full Form Name

Full Form of eBay:

Echo Bay

eBay Full Form came from the term Echo Bay. eBay is a global e-commerce corporation. It provides business and customer sales services through the internet. The headquarters of this company is in San Jones, situated in California. The base of this company was laid in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five by Pierre Omidyar. The operations of eBay extend into more than thirty nations. The eBay has a website which is managed by the company itself. It is basically an online shopping and auction site where people can sell and purchase a large range of services and goods all over the world. Additionally, the expansion of the website is also done. Trading of event tickets and posting of advertisements and classified is also made possible due to this expansion.

Online transferring of money through PayPal was also offered by this site previously which formed a separate subsidiary of this company till the year two thousand and fifteen. A large number of items like vehicles, equipment, computers, decor, domain names, furnishings, and appliances are sold, purchased and listed on the site of this company. A category related to industry and business is launched in the year two thousand and six.

Any item can be sold here except the ones which violate the eBay’s policy of restricted and prohibited items and also the ones that are illegal. Selling of intangibles and services can also be done here. For example, new services and products are sold by the global companies like IBM on eBay by utilizing fixed priced and auctioned storefronts. Users can also utilize local currency for trading by using separate websites of eBay like eBay UK and eBay US. A large number of police and government agencies utilize it for disposing of confiscated and seized goods.

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