EA Full Form Name

Full Form of EA:

Electronic Arts

EA Full Form is Electronic Arts. The Electronic Arts is also referred to as the EA Games. It is mainly a company in America that distributes markets, publishes and develops video games. The headquarters of this company are in Redwood City, situated in California. This company was founded by Trip Hawkins in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-two. It was far ahead in the early industry of computer games. The EA was also noted for programmers and designers responsible for design and development of these games. Electronic Arts was the third largest game company in the world in accordance with the revenue.

Presently, several games are published and developed by the Electronic Arts like SSX, NCAA Football, Madden NFL, and FIFA.  Certain other labels of EA aid in producing franchises like Command & Conquer, The Sims, and Need for Speed. It also produces some newer franchises like Knights of the Old Republic of Star Wars, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Titan fall, Mass Effect, Crysis, and Army of Two. Major gaming studios like DICE, EA Canada, Bio-ware, and EA Tiburon are also operated by EA.

The Chairman of EA is Larry Probst. Andrew Wilson is the Chief Executive Officer. The success of John Riccitiello, the former CEO, has been attributed for leading Electronic Arts. There are four labels, and each label has a number of studios under it. These are EA games, EA Sports, EA Maxis, and EA All Play. The EA Games is responsible for producing combat, role-playing and adventure games. EA Maxis produces life simulation online games, and EA Sports produces freestyle and casual games.

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