DTP Full Form

DTP Full Form is Desk Top Publishing. It refers to the process with which computers and special software are used to create special documents. It can combine artwork and text to create the required format in documents and to print them. DTP helps to create business cards, books, webpages, brochures, signage, letterhead, etc. It is highly used by graphic and non-graphic designers to create commercial products. This include; digital printing, printing press requirements, desktop printing, commercial printing and visual communications.

DTP was initially used only by special designers. With the advent of user-friendly software, DTP is used by anyone who has a fair knowledge of computer. Even a novice can easily learn to use the DTP of modern days. Today, DTP has become an essential part of every business model and marketing. Some of the most popular DTP Softwares include; Microsoft Office Publisher, Adobe Frame Maker, Scribus, OpenOffice.org, Corel Ventura, QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, etc…

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