DM Full Form Name

Full Form of DM :

Doctorate of Medicine

DM Full Form is Doctorate of Medicine. MD is a terminal degree meant for skilled surgeons and physicians. It is a Post Graduate Super Specialty Degree which is given to a highly skillful doctor. The course lasts for 3 years which also includes the examination period. The examination is held after 3 years course. Only one student per year is allowed to get admission in the course.

The prospectus of the course includes theoretical knowledge, practical and clinical skills along with thesis skills, attitudes. The practical training of the course includes advanced diagnostic, therapeutic and laboratory techniques regarding the subject matter. The examination includes a theory section, a clinical or practical session, and a viva.

Eligibility and Areas of Specialization:

The Doctors who possess the degree of M.D. are eligible for this course only and they are selected on the basis of their academic performance overall. The student is admitted on the basis of his merit through the examinations conducted by the State Government as well as at the national level and on the basis of their performance in their M.B.B.S examination. The course of D.M. includes various subjects like Cardiology, Clinical Pharmacology as well as Hematology, Endocrinology, Immunology, Nephrology, Neurology, etc.

If you wish to have a strong foundation in the field of medical sciences, Doctorate of Medicine is a must. The character of a Doctorate of Medicine may differ from country to country. It may be regarded as a Ph.D., or an advanced degree equivalent to Master of Science, or an honorary doctorate. Nevertheless, Doctorate of Medicine represents that the student has undergone one of the most standardized and advanced coursework in the medical profession. It is the first professional degree a student receives upon competition of graduation.

As far as India is concerned, an MD is regarded as quite an indispensable degree for any medical student. A Master of Medicine is awarded when the medical student successfully finishes three years of study post-MBBS and clears an examination particular to MD. Following MD, one can go for further specialization if desired. Nevertheless, an MD is considered sufficient enough to kick start a successful medical career.

Full Form of DM: Direct Messages

DM Full Form is Direct Messages. Several websites let you send DM or private messages to anyone in your list. Though direct messages are similar to email, there are few distinctions. DM has only a few features. It can be sent only to people who also use the same website. Direct messages cannot be a replacement to emails. Websites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. allow direct messaging and each of them have their own set of restrictions and features for DM.

DM is often used wherever emails are not an option. For instance, eBay sellers have their email address as private while they let people contact them through DM. In other words, direct messages enable communication between two people or parties without having to share their email address. Online stores and social networking sites are the two main kinds of websites where direct messages are commonly used.

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