DIB Full Form Name

Full Form of DIB:

Device Independent Bitmap

DIB Full Form is Device Independent Bitmap. DIB is a standard technical, bit-mapped graphics format that allows bitmaps to be moved from one device to the other. It doesn’t depend on the device specifications or its output capabilities related to color depth or pixels per inch. Microsoft uses this format in order represent color bitmaps of different depths of colors.

While the device dependent bitmap is a internal part of the system, DIB is an external format. Metafiles, BMP files and Clipboard are the three transporting mediums of a DIB. An output device uses the device driver to translate DIB colors into actual colors that can be displayed by that device.

The color format of the device, the palette for the device, data compression identifier, an array of bits that helps to map green, red and blue triplets, and the resolution of the device are various color and dimensional information that are contained in a typical DIB. The memory block on a device, where .DIB files can be occasionally found, is designed and structured according to Windows API specifications suggested for DIBs. Bottom-up DIBs and top-up DIBs — these are the two types of DIBs. BITMAPINFOHEADER provides a detail description of the DIB data format under the Windows API documentation segment.

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