DHTML Full Form Name

Full Form of DHTML:

Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language

DHTML Full Form is Dynamic Hyper Text Markup Language. DHTML is a collection of technologies that allow and helps a web content to be changed each and every time it is viewed. Before the introduction of DHTML, people could only use static HTML that doesn’t allow the web content to change dynamically until the user proceeds to the next page of contents.

Introduced in 1997 by Microsoft, DHTML is used to enable a web page to react according to the user inputs without wasting time in sending a request to the server and then receiving the command. Simply, DHTML is an efficient combination of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and of several useful dynamic features that are termed as inbuilt in the fourth generation browser integration.

The inclusion of drop-down menus and rollover buttons, using a form to capture and respond to the user input without sending the request to the server, embedding of ticker so that it automatically refreshes the contents, animation of text and images in a web document — these are the commonly known and notable functions of DHTML. But DHTML is not supported by most of the version 3 browsers. That is why the use of DHTML technology is very little on mainstream websites, and it is more related and relegated to web designers’ sites meant for the personal experiment.

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