DENA Bank Full Form Name

DENA Bank Full Form? It is just a name and does not have any full form. Dena Bank is a public sector bank that the Government of India owns. It is presently headquartered in Mumbai, India. As of the recent data reports, the bank operates more than 1700 branches across the nation. The Dena Bank traces its origins to the year 1938. It was established on May 26, 1938, as DevkaranNanjee Banking Company by DevkaranNanjee’s family. It was rechristened into its present name after its incorporation as a public company in the year 1938. The Government of India, in the year 1969, nationalized the bank, apart from other 13 major banks in the country.

Dena Bank is a Public sector bank by virtue of the Banking Companies Act 1970. The Act allows the bank to engage in other businesses specified in section 6 of the Banking Regulations Act 1949. The Bank has come up with e-smart services such as the Internet bank kiosk through which the customers can conveniently conduct transactions relating to Internet Banking; Passbook printing Kiosk, which enables the Customer print Passbook by means of a Barcode scan; Cheque Deposit Machine, which enables the customers to deposit cheques and is aimed at eliminating manual process.

The Bank has taken several initiatives by incorporating information technology in its functional organization and inculcating modern-day banking ideas. In order to absolutely fulfil this objective, the bank has launched, what is known as, the Core banking Solution (under the name DENA GARIMA). The bank has witnessed active participation from Wipro, which is one of the leading IT companies in the country, and has helped the bank in the implementation of the Core Banking Solution. The bank has established its data centre in Mumbai whereas the Disaster Recovery Site in Bangalore.

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