DDR Full Form Name

Full Form of DDR:

Double Data Rate

DDR Full Form is Double Data Rate. DDR is a function used by computer buses. It enables them to transfer data on 2 signals per clock cycle. These signals are based on rising edges and falling edges of each and every clock signal. It can operate within the limitations of signal integrity because it uses both edges of a single clock signal.

It is also known as Double-Pumped or Double Transition. This technology is mainly related to the operations of RAM ( Random Access Memory ). RAMs that use this system are called DDR SDRAM ( DDR Synchronous Dynamic RAM ). The development of the specifications of this system began in 1996 and it completed in 2000.

The development process was done and monitored by JEDEC ( Joint Electron Device Engineering Council ). Data in this system is transferred at a bit-rate of 64 bits ( 8 bytes ) per second. The memory clock of this system is 100 MHz. The data transfer rate, used in it, is 0.2 GT/s or 200 MT/s. This is why it is also known as DDR-200. The maximum transfer rate of in DDR is 1600 MB/s. This is the reason why the data rate often referred to as PC-1600.

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