DC Full Form

DC Full Form is Data Compression. DC is a unique art in digital signal processing to reduce the storage amount in bits that is needed to store or transmit any data. It is simply the method through which data is stored in such a format that requires less space than usual.

It enables the user and the devices to store a data  in fewer bits than its original size. The method of reducing the size of a data file is called data compression. It has two aspects– lossy and lossless. Lossy compression reduces the size of the data file by identifying unnecessary information and thereafter eliminating those completely. In such compression, a certain part of the data file is lost. Lossless compression is done through the method of identification and elimination of any statistical redundancy.

In such compression, size of the data file is effectively reduced and all the information stays intact and unchanged. It can be described as the encoding done on a data source before the data is stored or transmitted. CCITT is a data compression technique that has been standardized. ARC and ZIP are commonly known file compression formats. Data compression reduces the storage space and transmission capacity. Backup utilities, spreadsheet applications, database management systems widely use the method of data compression.