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Full Form of CRISIL :

Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

CRISIL Full Form is Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited. It’s a global company that provides research, ratings, and policy/risk advisory services. It provides a solution to improve market performance, helps clients to mitigate their financial risks and manage businesses, and also helps to shape the public policies. It supports around 80% of structured finance market; 60% of credit markets; and more than 90% of trading volumes – all in the global level. The businesses under CRISIL can be categorized into three streams – Research, Ratings, and Advisory. In India alone, CRISIL has rated more than 60,000 entities. It works across all corporate layers ranging from small business enterprises to huge corporates in India.

CRISIL Full Form – Additional Information

Crisil is a global company and is engaged in analytics in India. Its main aim is to improve the functioning of the markets. It is among the popular companies in the nation that provide analytics, data, solutions, research, and ratings. Its track record related to innovation and growth is quite strong. It helps in delivering of efficient solutions, actionable insights, independent opinions and policy advisory to nearly one hundred thousand customers. Its customer base includes more than eighty industries.

The business of this company extends to seven nations, which are China, Singapore, UK, Argentina, USA, Poland, and India. The client range of Crisil consists of all kinds of players in the financial services. It includes players from the private equity sector, corporations, investment banks, companies related to asset management, consulting firms, insurance companies, and commercial banks. It also serves investors and companies that operate at small scale.  Additionally, it is famous for working with the policy makers and the government of India, along with other companies operating in the domain of infrastructure.

Ratings of CRISIL

In the year 1987, Crisil, in India, started the concept related to credit rating. From then on, it has developed to become one of the leading companies to do so. The following describes the type of ratings given by this company.

Credit Ratings

The present opinion of Crisil on the payment of principal as well as interest that are done timely is reflected by this rating. This opinion is independent, objective and unbiased. It is made by the company on the basis of the capacity of the issuer to meet its obligations of financial nature. Till now, the number of ratings of debt instruments done by this company amounts to thirty thousand.

Crisil has rated the following debt obligations:

  • Preference shares, bonds and debentures of non-convertible nature.
  • Fixed Deposits
  • Structured Debts
  • Debts of short term, deposit certificates and several commercial papers
  • Loans

The client base of the rating of this company includes twenty-three companies of BSE Sensex, along with thirty-nine companies of NSE Nifty. A wide range of entities is rated by Crisil. This includes banks, infrastructure entities, insurance companies, insurance companies, state governments, industrial companies, microfinance institutes, mutual funds, etc.

SME ratings

In India, the largest range of ratings is provided by Crisil. It has assessed and rated nearly sixty thousand enterprises of the medium, small and micro sizes. There are numerous large companies in India that have utilized the customized services of SME assessment for evaluating their distributors, vendors, franchisees and dealers. These ratings aid in building a business’s credibility.

Real Estate Ratings

These rating aids in providing the overall assessment of the projects related to the real estate sector. It also helps the buyers in identifying the projects of high quality within their own city. In the process of the evaluation of these ratings, the essential factors involved consists of risks related to construction, project sponsor’s track record, legal document’s quality and financial flexibility.


The biggest research house in India is the Crisil Research. The research offerings of this company cover numerous companies, industry, and the economy. The following discusses the types of researches provided by it.

Economic Research

The Economy research is named as the Eco-View by this company. This research helps by providing essential variables, outlook of medium and short terms, figures, facts, and trend analysis. It also provides a thorough analysis of the important issues related to the economy, policies, and events. It also helps in tracking the important developments that are made globally that can affect the economy of India. The important macroeconomic indicators offered by the company include interest rates, trade, industrial production, exchange rates, money markets, inflation, etc.

Company Research

The name given by Crisil to company research is Crisil Views. It offers important perspectives of a company’s financial as well as business outlooks. These reports can be found for more than a hundred companies in India. The important aspects covered by these reports include relative market position, the operational efficiency of the company and future outlook.

Infrastructure Advisory

In India, the infrastructure advisory of this company is among the leading advisors to large firms of private as well as public sector, governments, investors and multilateral agencies. A large number of services are provided by this company across the development cycle of infrastructure. Its work areas include advice related to financing mechanisms in the infrastructure sector, strengthening of institutes and enhancement of the capacity of the infrastructure and government agencies, risk advisory for projects, regulatory advisory, implementation assistance, management of projects, evaluation, and monitoring services, etc. The client base of this service includes development aid agencies that are operating in Africa and Asia, municipal agencies and urban bodies in India, provincial as well as national governments, etc.

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