Compaq Full Form Name

Full Form of Compaq:

Compatibility and Quality

Compaq Full Form is Compatibility and Quality. The Compaq Computer Corporation was basically a company that sold computer systems. This company was founded in the year nineteen hundred and eighty-two. The first PC compatible IBM computers were produced by Compaq. This company reversed engineered the personal computer of IBM legally. In the 1990s, it became the largest personal computer systems supplier. In the year two thousand and one, HP overtook Compaq. HP acquired this company in the year two thousand and two. HP continued using the Compaq brand until the year two thousand and thirteen.

The company was founded by Rod Canion. The capital financing was provided to the fledgling company by Ben Rosen. He served as the Board Chairman until the year two thousand. Michael Capellas was the last CEO and Chairman until it was merged with the HP. The headquarters of Compaq, which now serves for HP, covers eighty acres of undisputed land. This area consists of facilities for chemical handling, mechanical laboratory, a conference centre, office buildings, numerous warehouses, a cafeteria, and buildings for manufacture. It is the biggest campus of HP. It employs more than seven thousand people in all divisions of HP.

The headquarters of Compaq Computer Corporation was in northwest Harris County, situated in Texas before it was taken over by HP. The same now continues to be the largest United States facility of the HP. While Compaq existed as a company, its main competitors included manufacturers like Toshiba, Lenovo, and Acer. The majority of the competitors of this company were acquired by other giants like Acer.

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