CMOS Full Form

CMOS Full Form is Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor. CMOS is the fabrication technology applied in semiconductors that are used in manufacturing modern day’s transistors. These transistors are manufactured primarily for computer microchips. These semiconductors are made from germanium and silicon, the materials used to make CMOS conduct electricity. The specific surface of these semiconductors is doped extensively by adding some impurities to create high conduction region either with a negative charge (N-type transistors) or positive charge electrons (P-type transistors).

This carrier then forms a current portal that forms an efficient electrical control. CMOS transistors use zero power when not required. When the electric direction changes quickly, the transistors heat up.  This attribute usually limits the speed of microprocessors. CMOS is generally used in static Random Access Memory (RAM), image sensors,microprocessors, digital logic circuits, microcontrollers, and also in the modification of digital data in different format. The information about the computer configuration is stored on CMOS chip. The information stored on this chip is called Real-time clock, which saves data as soon as the computer is switched off.

CMOS carries electrical items found in either one circuit or in multiple groups of the circuit. Each and every circuit works for a specific purpose which increases a computer’s competence and performance. The two important traits of CMOS are 1) the power consumption is low and static 2) the CMOS resists high electronic noise levels. Processors using CMOS transistors are efficient and run at extremely high speeds without heating up. Further, CMOS uses lithium batteries that can last between 2 to 10 years. However, once the battery dies, one has to replace the entire CMOS chip.

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