CMO Full Form Name

Full Form of CMO:

Chief Medical Officer

CMO Full Form is Chief Medical Officer. CMO is a designation meant for the senior government official designated head of medical services. The post is handled by a physician who is determined to serve to advise and lead a fine team of medical experts as a matter of public health. A CMO is the one who manages a budget for the hospital department.

Goals of a CMO:

Certain goals of a CMO are to complete several challenges faced by medical experts as a matter of clinical excellence and cost entertainment in the present scenario of health care environment. A CMO is determined to supervise everyday operations and in the general care of the patients in their particular departments. A CMO is supposed to serve as a connection between the physicians and other hospital administration and also to coordinate staff schedules accordingly.

Eligibility criteria to become a CMO:

A Chief Medical Officer post requires a medical degree, service as an attending physician, a specific managing work experience in hospital setting as well as a fine experience in working in a management or authority. He or she must also possess strong leadership skills along with some excellent organizational skills. A CMO must manage time efficiency and must be familiar with the budget software and financial management.

In the hierarchy of medical officers, a Chief Medical Officer ranks the highest. A CMO is the senior most advisor to the government on issues pertaining to health. A CMO is a qualified medical doctor, who generally specializes in public health and has participated in the medical treatments and development of communities.

The designation of Chief Medical Officer has English origins and is known by different terms like Surgeon General in the United States and the Chief Public Health Officer in Canada. Whatever the terms are used, it is the highest post for any medical officer and has high authoritative value. Like any other country, India pays a hefty sum of money to CMOs across the country with an average pay of Rs. 456.13/hr or roughly 9 lacs per annum. Such a hefty amount is expected considering the stature and seniority of the post.

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