CIR Full Form Name

Full Form of CIR:

Committed Information Rate

CIR Full Form is Committed Information Rate. CIR is a bandwidth rate of a relay network that consists multiple persons who use FRADs (Frame Relay Assemblers and Dissemblers) and statistical multiplexing. CIR basically guarantees that an particular use will be provided bandwidth not below that certain rate at any given point of time. If an individual shares a bandwidth pool with multiple other users, CIR guarantees that the individual will receive bandwidth of at the rate as specified in the CIR. It does not depend on how busy or congested the network is.

In a shared network, CIR assures the users that all of them will receive certain parts of the bandwidth. Otherwise, inconvenient internet usage, disappointing online experiences, and drop calls on VoIP will become common happenings. CIR is closely associated with the logical connection of PVC (Permanent Virtual Circuit). CIR can effectively redefine the mix of bandwidths within a network in quick time because it is defined in software.

If a few sections of the company needs higher bandwidth, and the other sections need less bandwidth, CIR helps to define the bandwidth level and limitations. CIR and EIR (Excess Information Rate) collectively defines the value highest burst rate of a network that is called PIR (Peak Information Rate). As, CIR provide low kbps rates of bandwidth, it is very cost-friendly.

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