CID Full Form

CID Full Form refers to Criminal Investigation Department, which is a part of the entire territorial police forces. It is within the Commonwealth forces and British Police and is different from the normal uniformed branch. The British Government initially formed it in 1902.

In India, CID is the intelligence and investigation wing belonging to the State Police Forces. It has various branches including; CB-CID where CB represents Crime Branch; Anti-Narcotics cell; finger print bureau, Anti-terrorism wing, and more. Nevertheless, it is commonly associated with the crime branch or CB-CID, as it is the special wing.

In India we see that as the population rate goes up, so does the crime rate. Today people from all economical strata are involved in some crime or the other. Some crimes are beyond the control of ordinary police and under such circumstances, at the behest of the state government or the High court, CID is called to solve the mystery. Unlike normal police in uniforms, these are plain clothes police officers working undercover.

CID Full Form – Additional Information

When criminals are on the loose, law has to step in to establish peace and order. This is where the CID or Criminal Investigation Department steps in. CID is the part of every Indian State Police that handles investigation and intelligence department. That means complicated cases where the normal police are clueless, the CID takes over.

CID was established by the British in 1902 on the proposal of the Police Commission. Later on in 1929, CID was divided into Special Branch CID and Crime Branch CID. These divisions were done with a view to separate and concentrate the work in a particular field, thus increasing the efficiency of investigation procedure.

As the crimes in the nation started increasing, their types were also under various categories. Thus, several specialized sub-branches were opened like

  • Crime Branch
  • Finger print bureau
  • Anti-terrorism wing
  • Anti-narcotics wing
  • Anti-human trafficking and missing person’s bureau
  • Cyber crime cell

The Special Branch CID has two divisions – intelligence and security. CID is responsible for solving critical crimes related to murders, riots, forgeries, drug and human trafficking, cyber crimes like hacking, online frauds etc. Another department that is very vital to the functioning of CID is the Forensic Science department where major evidences are established through DNA and other tests.

CID Full Form

Crime Branch CID

As said earlier, increase in population is the major reason for all crimes because somewhere they are linked with illiteracy, unemployment, frustration and in case of some heinous crimes – a troubled and pervert mind. It is rightly said that “as many people, those many minds”. Each mind thinks differently and thus, crimes of different nature are committed. Some may be murders for various reasons, from property disputes to infidelity suspicion or political rivalry or offenses of counterfeiting or internet crimes. The crime branch cell tries to investigate the crime by visiting the crime scene and collecting evidence.

There are suspects and there are witnesses. To get the clues extracted from witnesses and forming a link to tap the real suspect needs lot of training and alert mind. The officers in the department are trained in all these aspects. For solving such crimes, the department may sometimes take help of special dog squad. The Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) is at the helm of the Crime Branch and is aided by Inspector General of Police (IGP). The Crime Branch tackles cases related to communal riots, cheating, forgery and other similar crimes. With fake currency in circulation on many occasions in the country, it is the duty of the crime branch to nab the culprits.

Cyber Crime Cell

We say this is an age of technology and development. It is for the betterment of the masses. The computer and internet have brought the world together. However, for some, it has become a source of cheating others. Cyber crimes are not necessarily in one city or country, but a person across the globe too can cheat a person on the other face of the earth. The identity is a secret and people take advantage of that. How can you trace a faceless criminal?

Nonetheless, the cyber crime cell has their own techniques to solve such cases. Cyber crimes are hacking and phishing. This means that the culprit hacks your computer system and steals your private data. This threat can be posed in front of government offices as well, where sensitive data is hacked and sold to terrorists or other organizations for a good amount of money.

These hackers are also adept at getting personal information from unsuspecting victims. They lure people on the pretexts or jobs, immigration, etc and retrieve your passwords, bank details, credit card details and other personal info like contact information, identity photo, etc. This is then used to wipe out your balance from the bank or used in the racket of fake passports, certificates and so on. The cyber crime cell then traces the unique IP address of the computer from which the messages were sent and then it is easy for them to reach the owner of that computer from which the crime was committed.

Special Branches of CID

Drug peddling has messed up the present generation. The addiction is high and thus, the narcotics are in great demand. Foreigners, as well as locals, are involved in the drug racket. There are innumerable ways in which the drugs are smuggled in the country – hidden in bag, toys, soles of shoes or even inside the carrier’s body! The anti-narcotic cell is vigilant and keeps a lookout for such sources when they receive any tips from the informers. Another issue that haunts is missing persons and some being victims of human- trafficking. For this, the CID is often helped by Border Security Force to contain the crossing over of borders.

Every day we read the newspaper with blaring headlines about riots and bomb blasts. Thousands of innocent people fall victim to some fanatic’s sadistic pleasure of destruction. Terrorism has made life unsafe for the masses. To fight terrorism, the CID uses Bomb Detecting Squad as well as Special Dog Squad, both of which are extremely important and skillful outfits of the department. Special Branch CID is responsible for VIP security and mostly takes care of political security matters of the state. Each state has its own Special Branch team. They look after the protection of politicians and masses especially during rallies, elections, etc. This department is important for collecting advance information about impending issues of law and order and informing it to the police for better preparation.

Finger Print Bureau and Forensic Science Laboratory

Every individual has a unique set of finger prints. The finger prints bureau usually keeps the database of finger prints of criminals for future reference. Thus in the case of a crime, when suspects are collected for investigation, these finger prints are used to match to ascertain the culprit. Forensic Science Laboratory is the place where the evidence collected are given for analysis and DNA is matched from the culprits as well as victims to find out their identity.

Forensic Lab is very important for investigations because in case of murder, etc the forensic expert confirms the time and possible reason of the death. It is then easier for the officers to investigate of those tracks. CID is a very challenging and interesting department of the police force and helps in restoring law and order in the state and country.

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