CGI Full Form Name: CGI Meaning

Full Form of CGI:

Common Gateway Interface

CGI Full Form is Common Gateway Interface. CGI refers to the standard setting for web services in order to interface with web programs to generate dynamic web pages. Such programs are called CGI. These are usually written in a script language. However, a CGI can also be written in other programming languages such as Perl, C, Visual Basic, or java. CGI programs form the common gateway for users and web servers to dynamically interact. For example, several HTML pages, which contain forms, make use of CGI program in order to process the data on submission. One of the drawbacks of CGI is that every time a script of CGI is executed it starts a new process. This tends to slow down the server of busy websites to a great extent. However, using Java servlets or the server’s API would be a good solution for this inadequacy.

CGI Full Form – Computer Generated Imagery

Full Form of CGI is Computer Generated Imagery. CGI is a computer graphics application for the creation or contribution of the image in printed media, art, films, video games, television programs, commercials, simulators, videos, shorts, etc. The visual scenes it produces may be static or dynamic and can be two-dimensional (2-D) despite the fact the term CGI is used in reference to 3D graphics for creating special effects in movies, games, etc. “CGI animation” is a term used to denote dynamic CGI that has been rendered as a film. The term visual world denotes an interactive environment, which is essentially agent-based. With time, the CGI softwares have been readily available in the market and have allowed growth of small companies and individual artists to create professional games, films, fine art on their personal computers.

This has contributed much to the development of an Internet subculture where these companies and artists exhibit their productions to the virtual audience. While the use of CGI is more or less known to everyone, its use in courtrooms must be noted. CGI is now being used in courtrooms to help guide the judge through the series of events that happened or may have happened in the case concerned. However, many experts criticize the use of CGI in courtrooms as prejudicial.

This has been reflected in a 1997 study which concluded that poor lacking in intuitive skills were readily influenced by the CGI effects. Thus, it is necessary that jurors must be made wary of the side effects from too much reliance on CGI, as the technology showcases merely those events that would have potentially occurred in the case concerned. CGI has revolutionized the whole entertainment industry. It has helped produce some of the most incredible movies such as those movies based on superheroes or extraterrestrial attacks, something which are of sheer pleasure to us.

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