CE Full Form Name

Full Form of CE:

Common Era

CE Full Form is Common Era. CE refers to the calendar dating system mostly and commonly used in the Western World. It marks the difference in years from the birth of Jesus Christ to the current date. So, according to this system, we are living in 2015 CE. This dating system is treated as an alternative to the AD (Anno Domini) system. CE is often used as Common Era. One more interesting fact is that this notation does not include a year zero (0).

Whereas BCE (Before Common Era) indicates any time before the birth of Christ, CE determines the time after the holy incident took place. The use of this abbreviation was first introduced in the mid-19th century by Jewish academics. Since then it has been and still now popularly being used in the field of writing and literature, because most of the authors believe that the use of CE marks secularism as there is no mention of Christian belief or ideology [like BC-Before Christ, or AD-Anno Domini(where Dominus means Lord)] within this term.

But advocates of Christianity finds this term as oppressive and abusive because this system is based on the birth date of Christ but it does not use the name of their Lord within it. Critics and experts note such belief as purely religious and nothing else.

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