CCNA Full Form

CCNA Full Form is CISCO Certified Network Associate. This certificate is to validate the ability of a professional to configure, understand, operate, and troubleshoot routed and medium-sized networks. This certification is obtained when one passes a 90-minute written examination. This exam does not have any prerequisites. However, various companies, including CISCO offer formal training courses in order to help the students to prepare for the exam.

Some of the topics covered for CCNA include: (1). IP addressing (2). WAN and LAN design including OSI model (3). Routing protocol and routers, including EIGRP, RIP, and OSPF (4). Wireless LAN and Virtual LAN (5). Network security and Management. Apart from the core certification, CISCO also conducts individual exams such as CCNA voice, CCNA security, CCNA wireless, etc.