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Confraternity of Christian Doctrine

CCD Full Form is Confraternity of Christian Doctrine. It is an association founded in 1562 at Rome to give religious education to children who attend secular schools. CCD is under the management of Roman Catholic Church which provides education with the help of lay staff and members of the clergy. Full Form of CCD can also refer to Charge-Coupled Device. The charge-coupled device is, by far the most common device used to convert optical images into electrical signals.  They are so popular and in demand because of their use in video and digital still cameras. Different devices of architecture have also been developed using the simple techniques applied via CCD.

As far as the working of these charge coupled devices go, it is actually quite simple to understand. These devices use some amount of electric charge that represents some analogous quantity like light intensity. These charges are shifted down in a sequence of cells at the discrete interval to incorporate memory function. Thus, “discrete time device” is another terminology use for CCD, which is discrete, analogous and also quite simple. Apart from analog to digital conversion, they are also used for quantum efficiency and wavelength coverage. They cover wavelength between 300 – 1000 nm.

Coming down to the several uses of this device, mostly charge coupled devices are used as analog memory in telephone answering machine or more importantly in image sensors. They are present in all different types of image capturing things right from still cameras to telescopes, in CCD image sensors, the pixels of the image are represented by p-doped MOS capacitors. Charge coupled devices were first invented by George Smith and William Boyle who are also credited with creating a new kind of semiconductor memory for computers.  CCDs are available in various types according to their applications such as; fast readout, good cosmetic, lower noise and cheap prices.

Popular Full Form of CCD

Full Form of CCDField of Application
Confraternity of Christian DoctrineReligion
Charge Coupled DeviceComputer Hardware
Cursor Controlled DeviceComputer Hardware
Complementary Coded DecimalInformation Technology
Closed Caption DecoderInformation Technology
Combatant Craft DivisionMilitary
Commander of Coast DefencesMilitary
Conflict Criminal DefendersMilitary
City Civil Defense DirectorMilitary
Critically Controlled DocumentMilitary
Continental Communications DivisionMilitary
Combat Capability DocumentMilitary
Civil Censorship DivisionMilitary
Convention to Combat DesertificationMilitary
Configuration Control DecisionMilitary
ChemExper Chemical DirectoryScience
Central Cell DensityScience
Coarse Control DamperScience
Catalytic Combustion DetectorScience
Chemical Composition DistributionScience
Cold Cathode DischargeScience
Central Cloudy DystrophyMedical
Colony Collapse DisorderMedical
Community College of DenverAcademia
Centre for Career DestinationOrganization
Council of Canadians with DisabilitiesOrganization
Coastal Conservation DepartmentOrganization
Cabinet Committee on DisinvestmentOrganization
Corporate Communications DepartmentOrganization
Committee on Corporate DevelopmentOrganization
Camera Charging DeviceTechnology
Common Core DataMedia
Comfortable Clothing DayFunny Expansion
Chasing Catholic DamesFunny Expansion
Closet Cross DresserFunny Expansion

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