CBDT Full Form Name

Full Form of CBDT:

Central Board of Direct Taxes

CBDT Full Form is Central Board of Direct Taxes. The Central Board of Direct Taxes or CBDT comes under the control of the Ministry of Finance, under the Department of Revenue. It gives inputs regarding the making of the policies, as well as in the planning of the direct taxes in the country. Additionally, it also administers direct tax laws with the help of the department of information technology.

The officers present in CBDT also deal with the matters related to the collection of taxes and levy. The main head of this board is the Chairman. It also consists of an additional six members, who also acts as Special Secretary to the Indian Government.

The six members of CBDT along with the Chairman are selected from the IRS or Indian Revenue Service. The members of IRS consist of the top most management of the department of Information Technology. Each member of CBDT along with the Chairman exercise control over certain areas of the IT Department also called Zones. The responsibilities and functions of CBDT are distributed among the members and Chairman of CBDT.

There are certain issues that are reserved to be discussed collectively by the members and Chairman of CBDT. These issues involve the policies related to the discharge of authoritative functions of the Union Government and the CDBT under various laws of direct tax.

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