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VLSI Full Form Name

Full Form of VLSI: Very Large Scale Integration VLSI Full Form is Very Large Scale Integration. VLSI is the process in which an integrated circuit is created by joining thousands of powerful transistors into one chip. VLSI started back in the 1970s when complex communication and semiconducting technologies were in the early stage of development. […]

BHP Full Form Name

Full Form of BHP: Brake Horsepower BHP Full Form is Brake Horsepower. The power produced by an engine is measured in Horsepower. When the power is produced is measured by a dynamometer or a braking device it is called Brake Horsepower. The Horsepower at the output shaft of an engine or motor is also termed […]

MCB Full Form Name

Full Form of MCB: Miniature Circuit Breaker MCB Full Form is Miniature Circuit Breaker. Over current, on account of its extreme fluctuations, has the ability to cause permanent damage to cables, conductors, and electrical devices. Since one cannot control over current, there has to be protective measure in the electrical circuit which interrupts this over […]

DTSi Full Form Name

Full Form of DTSi: Digital Twin Spark ignition DTSi Full Form is Digital Twin Spark Ignition. DTSi is a combustion system that uses two spark plugs that spark alternatively at a certain time interval to increase the diameters of the flame and burn the fuel at the same time. DTSi has two spark plugs located […]

SOAP Full Form Name

Full Form of SOAP: Simple Object Access Protocol SOAP Full Form is Simple Object Access Protocol. SOAP is a specified protocol that is used to exchange various structured information related to the web services within a computer network. It was designed in 1998. Mohsen Al-Ghosein, Dave winter, Bob Atkinson, and Don Box designed this object […]

DDR Full Form Name

Full Form of DDR: Double Data Rate DDR Full Form is Double Data Rate. DDR is a function used by computer buses. It enables them to transfer data on 2 signals per clock cycle. These signals are based on rising edges and falling edges of each and every clock signal. It can operate within the […]

AVI Full Form Name

Full Form of AVI: Audio Video Interleave AVI Full Form is Audio Video Interleave. AVI is a format that contains multimedia data. It is a part of the VFW ( Video for Windows ) software released by Microsoft. It was introduced in the month of November, 1992. AVI files contain both types of multimedia namely […]

VLC Full Form Name

Full Form of VLC: VideoLAN Client VLC Full Form is VideoLAN Client. VLC is a portable media player that is widely used and extremely popular throughout the globe. This media player is efficiently written and handled by the VideoLAN project. This media player also works as a server for streaming media sources. Initiated in 1996 […]

SATA Full Form Name

Full Form of SATA: Serial Advanced Technology Attachment SATA Full Form is Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. SATA is a standard interface related to the system of the computer bus. It is a hardware interface that helps to connect host bus adapters like computers to mass storage devices like hard drives, CD and DVD drives, and […]

SAS Full Form Name

Full Form of SAS: Statistical Analysis System SAS Full Form is Statistical Analysis System. SAS is an extremely efficient software suite that is developed and released by the SAS Institute which is based in North Carolina. Since its release, SAS has become extremely popular among the software services that are used for analysis and management […]