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RISC Full Form Name

Full Form of RISC: Reduced Instruction Set Computer RISC Full Form is Reduced Instruction Set Computer. A kind of microprocessor that takes into use a highly optimized and small instruction set is called RISC or Reduced Instruction Set Computer. It is different from other architecture types since it does not use a more specialized instruction […]

IC Full Form Name

Full Form of IC: Integrated Circuit IC Full Form is Integrated Circuit. An electronics circuits’ set present on a semiconductor chip, like a silicon chip, is called an IC or an Integrated Circuit. When compared to a circuit made using independent components of electronics, the size of an IC is quite small. Hence, they can […]

HSR Full Form Name

Full Form of HSR: Horizontal Scan Rate HSR Full Form is Horizontal Scan Rate. A cathode ray tube or a CRT is used for describing the number of lines that are displayed every second by moving the electronic beam from the display’s left side to the right side. This procedure is repeated until the entire […]

GUI Full Form Name

Full Form of GUI: Graphical User Interface GUI Full Form is Graphical User Interface. GUI is a kind of user interface that provides the ability of interaction with the electronic devices to the users with the help of visual indicators and graphical icons like text navigation, type command levels, and the secondary notion. The performance […]

XLS Full Form Name

Full Form of XLS: Microsoft Excel¬†Spreadsheet XLS Full Form is Microsoft Excel¬†Spreadsheet. XLS is essentially a spreadsheet, which is created by Microsoft for platforms Windows, Android, Mac, and iOS. Some of its features include graphing tools, calculation, pivot tables, etc. It also comprises Visual Basic for Applications, which is a macro programming language. Microsoft Excel […]

XLPE Full Form Name

Full Form of XLPE: Cross-Linked Polyethylene XLPE Full Form is Cross-Linked Polyethylene. XLPE is a kind of polyethylene, which has cross links. It is created into tubing and is largely used in several kinds of building services pipework infrastructure, cooling systems, and hydronic radiant heating, insulation for the purposes of high tension electrical cables, and […]

GPL Full Form Name

Full Form of GPL: General Public License GPL Full Form is General Public License. The free license related to software that gives the end users like companies, organizations, and individuals the right to modify, execute and share the software, is called GPL or General Public License. The software that gives this license is called free […]

FO Full Form Name

Full Form of FO: Fiber Optics FO Full Form is Fiber Optics. The FO or Fiber Optics is a technique utilized for transmitting information to various places using optical fibers. The light pulses that are sent through the optical fiber helps by forming ECWs or Electromagnetic Carrier Waves. These ECWs are modulated for carrying information. […]

FDD Full Form Name

Full Form of FDD: Floppy Disk Drive FDD Full Form is Floppy Disk Drive. An FDD or Floppy Disk Drive is hardware of a computer that helps in reading data from a small disk, called floppy disks, and writing data into it. Its primary parts include read or write heads, stepper motor, circuit board, and […]

EULA Full Form Name

Full Form of EULA: End User License Agreement EULA Full Form is End User License Agreement. An EULA or End User License Agreement, also called Software License Agreement is a contract formed between the buyer of proprietary software and the licensor. This license establishes the right of a purchaser to utilize the purchased software. It […]