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BASIC Full Form Name: BASIC Meaning

Full Form of BASIC: Beginner All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code BASIC Full Form is Beginner All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. BASIC, refers to a host of high-level, general-purpose programming languages the design of which emphasizes on the ease of use. In the year 1964, Thomas E. Kurtz and John G. Kemeny created the original BASIC language in […]

EDVAC Full Form Name: EDVAC Meaning

Full Form of EDVAC: Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer EDVAC Full Form is Electronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer. EDVAC was one of the previous electronic computers. It was a successor to ENIAC and was not a decimal but a binary. It was essentially a stored program computer. The inventors of ENIAC, J. PresperEckert and John […]

UNIVAC Full Form Name: UNIVAC Meaning

Full Form of UNIVAC: UNIVersal Automatic Computer UNIVAC Full Form is UNIVersal Automatic Computer. UNIVAC is essentially a range of electronic, digital, stored-program computers beginning with the products from the Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation. The name was later applied to a Remington rand company’s division and many of its successor organizations. The Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corporation developed […]

ENIAC Full Form Name: ENIAC Meaning

Full Form of ENIAC: Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer ENIAC Full Form is Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer. ENIAC was the first-ever electronic computer made for the general purpose. It was digital, Tuning-complete and was capable of solving a massive class of numerical problems by means of programming. ENIAC was primarily created for calculating artillery […]

BIT Full Form Name: BIT Meaning

Full Form of BIT: Binary Digit BIT Full Form is Binary Digit. BIT is an elementary unit of information used in digital communications and computing. A BIT can only comprise 2 values and may be physically incorporated in a two-state device. These values are usually represented as 1 or 0. In terms of information theory, […]

AVG Full Form Name

Full Form of AVG: Anti-Virus Guard AVG Full Form is Anti-Virus Guard. AVG is a member of the family of internet security software and anti-virus that are developed by the AVG Technologies. The AVG Technologies is a publicly traded company based in Czechoslovakia that was previously known as Grisoft. The first brand of AVG was […]

AVR Full Form Name

Full Form of AVR: Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR Full Form is Automatic Voltage Regulator. AVR is the core of—what are commonly called—the power stabilizers or power conditioners. A standard power stabilizer makes use of an AVR in combination with one or more power quality capabilities, for example, short circuit protection (or the circuit breaker), surge […]

ATX Full Form Name

Full Form of ATX: Advanced Technology eXtended ATX Full Form is Advanced Technology eXtended. ATX refers to a configuration specification of a motherboard which was created by Intel in the year 1995. The development occurred with the aim to improving former de facto standards such as the AT design. ATX is regarded as the first […]

UPS Full Form Name

Full Form of UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply UPS Full Form is Uninterruptible Power Supply. UPS refers to an electrical apparatus providing emergency power to load whenever the main power or the input power source fails. A UPS is different from an emergency power system or auxiliary power system or a standby generator. The on-battery runtime […]

FPS Full Form Name

Full Form of FPS: Frames Per Second FPS Full Form is Frames Per Second. FPS is used for expressing the frame rate. The frame rate is also called the frame frequency. The images that are displayed consecutively by an imaging device are referred to as frames. The rate at which these frames are displayed is […]