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BNC Full Form Name

Full Form of BNC: Bayonet Neill – Concelman BNC Full Form is Bayonet Neill–Concelman connector. It is a type of radio frequency connector used for quickly connecting or disconnecting coaxial cables. BNC connectors are widely used in televisions, radios, test instruments, radio-frequency electronic equipment and video signals. Bayonet Neill- Concelman connectors are essentially small quick […]

ATA Full Form Name

Full Form of ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment ATA Full Form is Advanced Technology Attachment. ATA is a standard interface implementation that helps to connect storage devices to the computers. The controller of the related disk drive is effectively integrated into this implementation. It is also recognized as IDE ( Integrated Drive Electronics ). It was […]

ASR Full Form Name

Full Form of ASR: Automatic Speech Recognition ASR Full Form is Automatic Speech Recognition. ASR is a technology that converts spoken text into written text in real time basis. ASR technology enables a computer to identify and understand the words a person speaks into a telecommunication devise such as microphone and convert those words into […]

ARP Full Form Name

Full Form of ARP: Address Resolution Protocol ARP Full Form is Address Resolution Protocol. It is a telecommunication network protocol used for converting an IP address to a physical address like Media Access Control address (shortly MAC Address). RFC 826 defined ARP in the year 1982 and it is being implemented with many networks and […]

APM Full Form Name

Full Form of APM: Advanced Power Management APM Full Form is Advanced Power Management. It is an application programming interface developed jointly by Microsoft and Intel to achieve power management. It basically enables an OS (Operating System) that is running an IBM compatible PC (Personal Computer) to interact with (or) to work with any Basic […]

AMR Full Form Name

Full Form of AMR: Audio Modem Riser AMR Full Form is Audio Modem Riser. It is a riser expansion slot provided in the motherboards of Pentium3, Pentium 4, Athlon and Duron personal computers. AMR slot was originally designed by Intel to provide some sort of assistance to motherboard manufacturers to implement audio and modem functionality […]

ALU Full Form Name

Full Form of ALU: Arithmetic Logic Unit ALU Full Form is Arithmetic Logic Unit. ALU is basically a computer digital circuit which performs Arithmetic and Logical operations. It is one of the primary building blocks of any computer circuits. The ALU is designed exclusively to perform mathematical and logical operations. It is one of the […]

ADSL Full Form Name

Full Form of ADSL: Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line ADSL Full Form is Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line. It is a kind of Digital subscriber line or digital subscriber loop technology used to transmit digital data at a faster rate over the telephone lines. It is mainly used in data communication technology to enable certain devices to […]

HTTP Full Form Name

Full Form of HTTP: Hypertext Transfer Protocol HTTP Full Form is Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is the dada communication foundation for the World Wide Web (WWW). HTTP is basically an application layer for nonlinear information systems such as plain text, graphics, video, audio, etc. It uses hyperlinks between nodes which contain text and function as […]

TAT Full Form Name

Full Form of TAT : Turn Around Time TAT Full Form is Turn Around Time. TAT represents the time taken in order to fulfill any request. In computing, TAT refers to the total time between the program or process submission, execution, and the completed output handed over to the end customer. TAT might just deal […]