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BCD Full Form Name: BCD Meaning

Full Form of BCD: Binary Coded Decimal BCD Full Form is Binary Coded Decimal. BCD is a term used quite extensively in electronic and computer systems. The term refers to a category of binary encodings comprising decimal numbers in which every decimal digit is reflected by a fixed number of bits (which are generally four […]

BOSS Full Form Name: BOSS Meaning

Full Form of BOSS: Bharat Operating System Solutions BOSS Full Form is Bharat Operating System Solutions. BOSS refers to Linux’s free and open source distribution, which was created by National Resource Centre for Free/Open Source Software (abbreviated as NRCFOSS), India. It is also called BOSS GNU/Linux. The latest version in the market is 6.0. BOSS […]

GMAIL Full Form Name: GMAIL Meaning

Full Form of GMAIL: Google Mail GMAIL Full Form is Google Mail. GMAIL is a free for all, advertising-facilitated email service that is provided by Google. Users can access Gmail in the form of secure webmail as well as by means of IMAP4 or POP3 protocols. It started in the form of an invitation-only service […]

EMAIL Full Form Name: EMAIL Meaning

Full Form of EMAIL: Electronic Mail EMAIL Full Form is Electronic Mail. Email is essentially a mode facilitating the exchange of digital messages among computer users. Email entered into its first ever commercial application during the 1960s and by the time around 1970s, it became well-established and was commonly known as Email. It functions across computer networks, […]

CIM Full Form Name: CIM Meaning

Full Form of CIM: Computer Integrated Manufacturing CIM Full Form is Computer Integrated Manufacturing. CIM is essentially a manufacturing approach of utilising computers for the purposes of controlling the entire production process. This process enables individual processes to communicate information with each other. The primary advantage in using CIM is the ability to develop an […]

CAM Full Form Name: CAM Meaning

Full Form of CAM: Computer-Aided Manufacturing CAM Full Form is Computer-Aided Manufacturing. CAM is the utilisation of software for the purpose of controlling machine and related tools necessary for the manufacturing of workpieces. The term CAM can also be employed in reference to the usage of a computer for the assistance in all operations conducted […]

QTP Full Form Name: QTP Meaning

Full Form of QTP: Quick Test Professional QTP Full Form is Quick Test Professional. QTP is a product from the Hewlett Packard (abbreviated as HP). It is a tool useful in the smooth performance of automated functional testing without oversight once the development of script is finished. QTP makes use of Visual Basic Scripting (abbreviated […]

CADD Full Form Name: CADD Meaning

Full Form of CADD: Computer Aided Design and Drafting CADD Full Form is Computer Aided Design and Drafting. CADD is basically the application of computer systems for aiding the creation, analysis, optimization, modification of a design and for increasing the designer’s productivity, design’s quality, creation of a database for the purpose of manufacturing, and improving […]

LOGO Full Form Name: LOGO Meaning

LOGO Full Form? Logo is essentially an educational programming language that was created in the year 1967 by Wally Feurzeig, Daniel G. Bobrow, Cynthia Solomon, and Seymour Papert. The language is now remembered for its application of turtle graphics, in which the commands relating to movements and drawing generated line graphics with a small robot […]

PASCAL Full Form Name: PASCAL Meaning

PASCAL Full Form? The term PASCAL doesn’t have any full form. The programming language is named after the French mathematician Blaise Pascal. He was a great mathematician, philosopher and contributed immensely in the field of atmospheric sciences. PASCAL is a procedural programming language that was designed by Niklaus Wirth during the 1968-69 and published in […]