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ICC Full Form Name

Full Form of ICC : International Cricket Council ICC Full Form is International Cricket Council. ICC is the international body that governs the sport of cricket. It was founded originally as the Imperial Cricket Conference in the year 1909 by the representatives of South Africa, Australia, and England. It was later rechristened as the International […]

MRF Full Form Name

Full Form of MRF : Madras Rubber Factory Ltd MRF Full Form is Madras Rubber Factory Ltd. This is the largest company in India which manufactures tyres. In addition to tyres, MRF also makes tubes, treads, toys, paints, conveyor belts, etc. The company also runs MRF Challenges (which is a motorsport), and MRF Pace Foundation. […]

SOP Full Form Name

Full Form of SOP : Standard Operating Procedure SOP Full Form is Standard Operating Procedure. SOP is a standard process documented for a company or organization to ensure consistency of products and services. When a company is small, all major decisions are dependent on the owner or CEO of the company. When the company expands […]

ISRO Full Form Name

Full Form of ISRO : Indian Space Research Organization ISRO Full Form is Indian Space Research Organization. It was formed in the year 1969 with the mission of providing space-based services and develop required technologies to support the same. Over the years ISRO has become one of the largest space agencies (among the 6 agencies) […]

LG Full Form Name

Full Form of LG : Lucky Goldstar (Life’s Good) LG Full Form is Lucky Goldstar. LG is the name of a South Korean Company. The company has been one of the electronics giants that manufactures several devices like TV, fridge, washing machine, and other home appliances along with mobile phones. Currently, the company has been […]

CID Full Form Name

Full Form of CID : Criminal Investigation Department CID Full Form refers to Criminal Investigation Department, which is a part of the entire territorial police forces. It is within the Commonwealth forces and British Police and is different from the normal uniformed branch. The British Government initially formed it in 1902. In India, CID is […]

DLF Full Form Name

Full Form of DLF : Delhi Land and Finance DLF Full Form is Delhi Land and Finance. This is one of the largest real estate developers (commercial) in India. Chaudhary Raghvendra Singh founded DLF in the year 1946. This is located in New Delhi and is completely Indian-based Company. DLF was responsible for the development […]

BCCI Full Form Name

Full Form of BCCI : Board of Control for Cricket in India BCCI Full Form refers to the Board of Control for Cricket in India.  BCCI governs the game of cricket at the national level. It was established in 1928 as a small society and is currently a well-established board, supporting and promoting the game […]

KPMG Full Form Name

Full Form of KPMG : Klynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler KPMG Full Form represents Klynveld, Peat Marwick, and Geordeler. KPMG is a global network of companies that provide tax, audit, and advisory services. The names that are represented by KPMG are the 4 people who connected their individual accounting firms to form this giant global organization. […]

PWD Full Form Name

Full Form of PWD : Public Works Department PWD Full Form is Public Works Department. PWD is a department  which has the responsibility to take care of public sector works in India. Almost every country has its own PWDs in state levels and sometimes at the city levels too. The key responsibilities include  urban development, maintaining […]