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MSDN Full Form Name

Full Form of MSDN: Microsoft Developer Network MSDN Full Form is Microsoft Developer Network. MSDN is an extensive network platform dedicated to developers and testers and is an integral part of Microsoft Corporation. MSDN is the department of Microsoft liable for supervision of the firm’s association with hardware inventors and engineers concerned with the operating […]

SOA Full Form Name

Full Form of SOA: Service-Oriented Architecture SOA Full Form is Service-Oriented Architecture. A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is fundamentally an assortment of facilities or services. These services interconnect amongst themselves. The communiqué comprise either simple data transmission or encompass two or more services managing some activity. E-oriented architecture is an architectural configuration in processor software design […]

FDDI Full Form Name

Full Form of FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface FDDI Full Form is Fiber Distributed Data Interface. FDDI is a fiber optics technology base network and data interface structure. FDDI is a standard for data transmission in a resident area linkage setup, created by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI). It is a set of rules […]

UART Full Form Name

Full Form of UART: Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter UART Full Form is Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter. UART is a hardware processor device that decodes information amid similar and sequential forms. UARTs are used in permutation with communiqué principles like TIA, RS-232 and so on. The worldwide label implies that the data layout and distribution speeds […]

HSUPA Full Form Name

Full Form of HSUPA: High-Speed Uplink Packet Access HSUPA Full Form is High-Speed Uplink Packet Access. High-Speed Uplink Packet Access is a 3G mobile protocol.  HSUPA provides a notable increase in data speed for users. Higher data speed is required for various applications, to upload heavy files etc. A lower data rate can be used […]

ASIC Full Form Name

Full Form of ASIC: Application Specific Integrated Circuit ASIC Full Form is Application Specific Integrated Circuit. An application-specific integrated circuit is a kind of integrated circuit customized for a specific use, and not for general-purpose use. An ASIC improves speed as its main function is to perform a particular task given as compared to the […]

ISP Full Form Name

Full Form of ISP: Internet Service Provider ISP Full Form is Internet Service Provider. Digitalization has brought world closer and has enabled us with all the luxuries. Today one can access anything anywhere within a fraction of second using internet. The Internet has become a necessity and need of the hour. The Internet has brought […]

PDU Full Form Name

Full Form of PDU: Protocol Data Unit PDU Full Form is Protocol Data Unit. A protocol data unit (PDU) is an OSI (open-system interconnection) it is used in telecommunications. The term refers to a group of information either added or removed by an open system interconnection layer. Each layer uses the PDU to communicate and […]

AMI Full Form Name

Full Form of AMI: Alternate Mark Inversion AMI Full Form is Alternate Mark Inversion. Alternate Mark Inversion (AMI), also called as bipolar signaling, is a synchronous clock encoding technique that uses voltages of alternating polarity to represent logical values. The signal uses 3 voltage levels +V, 0, -V to represent binary symbols. The zeros are […]

NSP Full Form Name

Full Form of NSP: Network Service Provider NSP Full Form is Network Service Provider. NSP is an entity that provides the necessary infrastructure that makes up the internet.  NSP act like a backbone for the internet. These NSPs provide the network or “pipe” for an end to end network communication and routing services. Different NSPs […]