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PLC Full Form Name

Full Form of PLC: Programmable Logic Controller PLC Full Form is Programmable Logic Controller. PLC is a computer that is used for the computerization of processes in industries, e.g. Control of machinery, production, etc. Almost any machine function can be dealt with using this form of control system. The system is based on electromagnetic models […]

ISDN Full Form Name

Full Form of ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network ISDN Full Form is Integrated Services Digital Network. ISND is a given standard for circuit based transfer of data over different media, including copper wire. It has circuit switched connections for voice or data and packet switched connections for data. ISDN supports data transfer up to 64Kbps. […]

UMTS Full Form Name

Full Form of UMTS: Universal Mobile Telecommunications System UMTS Full Form is Universal Mobile Telecommunications System. UMTS is the third generation radio technology. It offers mobile broadband, packet-based text transmission, digitalized voice, etc. at data rates up to 2Mbps. Irrespective of the geographic location, UMTS offers services to phone users services that don’t fluctuate. It […]

HSDPA Full Form Name

Full Form of HSDPA: High-Speed Downlink Packet Access HSDPA Full Form is High-Speed Downlink Packet Access. HSDPA can be considered as an upgrade to the first 3G UMTS system, which offers much higher data download speeds. As data is mainly transferred across the downlink, compared to the uplink, it was considered a higher priority to […]

HSPA Full Form Name

Full Form of HSPA: High-Speed Packet Access HSPA Full Form is High-Speed Packet Access. HSPA is a combination of cellular device protocols for mobile broadband services. It is used in telecommunication networks. This technology supports high transfer speeds for data.  HSPA can be called a 3.5G technology, as it greatly improves 3G. The speed is […]

NAP Full Form Name

Full Form of NAP: Network Access Point NAP Full Form is Network Access Point. NAP is a public web interchange facility where Internet service providers (ISPs) are associated with one another in examining preparations.  In the United States, a network access point (NAP) is a chief Internet interconnection points that function to link all the […]

CRC Full Form Name

Full Form of CRC: Cyclic Redundancy Check CRC Full Form is Cyclic Redundancy Check. A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-distinguishing system generally found in electronic networks and storing devices to perceive inadvertent variations to unprocessed data, is a system of testing for blunders in data that has been conveyed on an interactions link. […]

MTS Full Form Name

Full Form of MTS: Multi-Channel Television Sound MTS Full Form is Multi-Channel Television Sound. The Multi-Channel Television Sound is a standard format used in the television content broadcasting that allows two-channel of sound also called stereo pair to be added to the television content. These sound channels are transmitted using the existing standard television carrier […]

VDI Full Form Name

Full Form of VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure VDI Full Form is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. VDI is the exercise of introducing a desktop operating system in a virtual machine (VM) functioning on a centralized server. The label was devised by VMware Inc. Desktop virtualization is software technology that divides the desktop setting and related application software […]

PCB Full Form Name

Full Form of PCB: Process Control Block PCB Full Form is Process Control Block. The Process Control Block (also termed Task Controlling Block, process table, Task Structure, or Switch frame) is a data organization in the functioning system kernel comprising the data required to handle a specific method. The PCB is the display of a […]