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XML Full Form Name

Full Form of XML : Extensible Markup Language XML Full Form is Extensible Markup Language. XML is a software tool for transporting and storing information. In simple terms, it is a markup language to describe data. The XML is a standard and flexible method used to create formats of information and share the data structure […]

GNU Full Form Name

Full Form of GNU: GNU’s Not Unix GNU Full Form is GNU’s Not Unix. GNU is a computer operating system which is similar to Unix. It is pronounced as ‘guh-noo’. It was developed by Free Software Foundation – GNU Project. The GNU project was started by Richard Stallman in 1984. GNU is free software which […]

ASCII Full Form Name

Full Form of ASCII : American Standard Code for Information Interchange: ASCII Full Form is American Standard Code for Information Interchange. ASCII is one of the most used formats of text files on the web and in computers. ASCII was initially derived from telegraph codes. It was developed by ANSI or American National Standards Institute. […]

VSAT Full Form Name

Full Form of VSAT : Very Small Aperture Terminal VSAT Full Form is Very Small Aperture Terminal. A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a satellite telecommunication station that receives and transmits data with the use of the satellite; it serves both home and business users. A VSAT consists of two parts, a transceiver that […]

SQL Full Form Name

Full Form of SQL : Structured Query Language SQL Full Form is Structured Query Language. SQL is a standardized interactive language or program created to request information from any database. It is pronounced as ‘see-kwell’ or just as S Q L. Originally, IBM research center designed a version named SEQUEL or Structured English Query Language […]