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PFA Full Form Name

Full Form of PFA : Please Find Attached PFA Full Form is Please Find Attached. PFA is a very commonly used Internet slang. However, unlike many of those slang words like LOL, ROFL, and other terms, PFA is used more formally in emails and official portals. This term is used to indicate that there is […]

BRB Full Form Name

Full Form of BRB : Be Right Back BRB Full Form is Be Right Back. BRB indicates the Internet slang Be Right Back is most widely used in internet chat rooms like Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Gmail and other social media platforms. It is perhaps one of the polite abbreviations that respectfully convey that one of the […]

IMAO Full Form Name

Full Form of IMAO : In My Arrogant Opinion IMAO Full Form represents the Internet slang In My Arrogant Opinion. IMAO is just one of the most commonly used Internet slangs similar to LOL (Laugh Out Loud), ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing), and other similar terms. It is slowly gaining popularity in various platforms like […]

ROFL Full Form Name

Full Form of ROFL : Rolling on Floor Laughing ROFL Full Form is Rolling on Floor Laughing. ROFL is a quite popularly used Internet slang to express great amusement. This expression is most often used interchangeably with LOL – Laugh Out Loud. When a person uses the term ROFL, he doesn’t mean that he is […]

URL Full Form Name

Full Form of URL : Uniform Resource Locator URL Full Form is Uniform Resource Locator. It is basically a reference to a web resource in the computer network. It provides the location of the resource and a mechanism to retrieve it. It was earlier termed as Universal Resource Locator. A URL is an address that […]

LOL Full Form Name: LOL Meaning

Full Form of LOL : Laugh out Loud LOL Full Form is Laugh out Loud. LOL is a very common acronym used as a slang to indicate laughter. It is widely used in internet chatting rooms. When you use the term LOL while chatting, the person in the opposite side understands that you are indeed […]

DP Full Form Name: DP Meaning

Full Form of DP: Display Picture DP Full Form is Display Picture. DP is a popular term among internet users which represents displaying profile pictures of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. Display Picture was used in the initial days of online text messaging. People in Asian countries used it most. Now, this term […]

PHP Full Form Name: PHP Meaning

Full form of PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor PHP Full Form is Hypertext Preprocessor (Formerly Personal Home Page). PHP is open source software designed for web development using a server-side scripting language. With the advent of technology, there have been several software languages and scripts which are constantly evolving to contribute to the dynamism of web […]