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ASAP Full Form Name

Full Form of ASAP : As Soon As Possible ASAP Full Form is As Soon As Possible. This term is used to emphasizing the urgency in completing a task. ASAP is often used in letters and official communications to tell the receiver to complete a task as quickly as possible. ASAP can indicate a sense […]

DNS Full Form Name

Full Form of DNS : Domain Name System DNS Full Form is Domain Name System. DNS refers to the Internet service which translates domain names into IP addresses. Since domain names are assigned in alphabetical order, it is easy to remember them. Essentially, each time you use a particular domain name the DNS service translates […]

CUG Full Form Name

Full Form of CUG : Closed User Group CUG Full Form is Closed User Group. CUG is a  group of GSM (mobile phone) subscribers who are allowed to receive and make calls from other members of the group. However, CUG does not include SMS service. There are certain rules that apply to the CUG members […]

IP Full Form Name

Full Form of IP : Internet Protocol IP Full Form is Internet Protocol Address. IP refers to the label with numeric, assigned to every device that uses Internet Protocol to communicate over the computer network. There are two reasons for IP address – It serves as identification to the network or host interface and as […]

Full Form of INTERNET

INTERNET Full Form : International Network Full Form of INTERNET is International Network. Since The Internet refers to the global network that connects computers across the globe, the name International Network is appropriate. The connection between computers happens through dedicated servers and routers. Any two computers that are connected through The Internet can exchange all […]

CC Full Form Name

Full Form of CC : Carbon Copy CC Full Form (in email) is Carbon Copy. CC refers to the copy of a note or email sent to someone other than the main person intended. This is also called FCC or First Carbon Copy. This is often confused with BCC, which is the Blind Carbon Copy. […]

DIY Full Form Name

Full Form of DIY : Do It Yourself DIY Full Form is Do It Yourself. DIY is basically used to indicate various tasks that you can do on your own without a need for any professional assistance. This term has been associated more with customers or consumers since 1912. It was mainly towards maintenance activities […]

FYI Full Form Name

Full Form of FYI : For Your Information FYI Full Form is For Your Information. This term is very casually used in appropriate places in emails, letters, messages, chats, etc. FYI is used before a message that is to be specifically shared and not to be missed by the reader. At times, FYI is used […]

TTYL Full Form Name

Full Form of TTYL : Talk To You Later TTYL Full Form is Talk To You Later. There are several Internet slangs which are very commonly used all over the world and one among them is TTYL. This is another way of saying ‘bye for now’ during a chat or discussion. Like all other Internet […]

TBH Full Form Name

Full Form of TBH : To Be Honest TBH Full Form is the expression ‘To Be Honest’. Often the term TBH is used in mobile chats, emails, and several web pages. To be honest, it is a very informal Internet slang which is used in personal chats and communication exchange between two loved ones. It […]