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BTW Full Form Name: BTW Meaning

Full Form of BTW: By The Way BTW Full Form is By The Way. By the Way, which is often abridged into BTW, is famous internet slang that intends to draw the attention of a listener or reader to a matter. The matter so stated may be important or secondary to the conversation. The primary […]

BFF Full Form Name: BFF Meaning

Full Form of BFF: Best Friends Forever BFF Full Form is Best Friends Forever. BFF is a phrase that is used as a description for close and intimate friendship. Such friendships are defined by the trust as well as a sense of perpetuity. For a relationship to fall within the domain of BFFs, the contacts […]

BFN Full Form Name

Full Form of BFN: Bye For Now BFN Full Form is Bye For Now. Bye For Now is a popular phrase used to indicate expressions such as “Till next time”; “Till we meet again”; “Goodbye until we meet again”, etc. It is a temporary or ephemeral goodbye you give. It is, strictly speaking, not a […]

XOXO Full Form Name

Full Form of XOXO: Hugs and Kisses XOXO Full Form is Hugs and Kisses. XOXO is a fashionable term for hugs and kisses. It is used to express faith, love, sincerity, or friendship. It is written at the end of an email, or SMS, or written letter. There is a dispute as to which letter […]

LMAO Full Form Name

Full Form of LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off LMAO Full Form is Laughing My Ass Off.  LMAO is just like ROFL but the only difference is the use of terminology with the former’s being vulgar. The expression is used when the person cannot contain his amusement and there is an outburst of laughter. Its use […]

LMK Full Form Name

Full Form of LMK: Let Me Know LMK Full Form is Let Me Know. This acronym has many meanings but the most commonly known is Let me Know. Clear from the words, LMK is used when you wish to know somebody’s thoughts about something. It is a direct but quicker way of asking one’s opinion. […]

TMI Full Form Name

Full Form of TMI: Too Much Information TMI Full Form is Too Much Information. TMI indicates presence of unnecessary, exaggerated information. Well, TMI, a much convenient use of the phrase, is used in a similar context when the other side is divulging information that are too personal or may disgust other people for example, sex […]

YOLO Full Form Name

Full Form of YOLO: You Only Live Once YOLO Full Form is You Only Live Once. YOLO is the abbreviated form of the phrase You Only Live Once. It is similar to the Latin phrase carpe diem, which literally stands for seize the day. The underlining meaning of the phrase is that one must strive […]

.COM Full Form Name

Full Form of .COM: Commercial .COM Full Form is Commercial. “.Com” is one of the top-level domain names in the internet domain system. It is also the most popular, most desired and perhaps the most expensive domain name. Over the years, through its service and popularity, this domain name has become the largest among the […]

BCC Full Form Name

Full Form of BCC: Blind Carbon Copy BCC Full Form is Blind Carbon Copy. It is the process and mechanism that helps an individual in sending a copy of the e-mail to the recipient and the recipient’s address do not appear in the message. Contrary to CC (Carbon Copy) which helps to copy a message […]