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CE Full Form Name

Full Form of CE: Common Era CE Full Form is Common Era. CE refers to the calendar dating system mostly and commonly used in the Western World. It marks the difference in years from the birth of Jesus Christ to the current date. So, according to this system, we are living in 2015 CE. This […]

BEST Full Form Name

Full Form of BEST: Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport BEST Full Form is Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport. The BEST Undertaking is an electricity provider and a civic transport public body which is based in Mumbai, India. One of the biggest fleets of buses in India is being operated by BEST. This transport service operates […]

VVIP Full Form Name

Full Form of VVIP: Very Very Important Person VVIP Full Form is Very Very Important Person. VVIP is the acronym or abbreviated phrase for Very Very Important Person and it refers to those people who enjoys absolute special privileges due to high status financially, socially, politically or in other terms. This system is somewhat discriminating […]

PTC Full Form Name

Full Form of PTC: Paid To Click PTC Full Form is Paid To Click. PTC service is one of the most popular and effective opportunities for people who want to earn money online. It is one of those earning opportunities provided online that almost neutralizes the possibility of scam or fraudulence. Numerous websites offer this […]

IRDP Full Form Name

Full Form of IRDP: Integrated Rural Development Programme IRDP Full Form is Integrated Rural Development Programme. IRDP, launched in 1978, is a programme that intends to avail specific group of poor people like small farmers, agricultural labourers or artisans of rural areas with self-employment opportunities. This programme was mainly introduced to raise the income-generation capacity […]

FTR Full Form Name

Full Form of FTR: Full Tariff Rate Full Form of FTR is Full Tariff Rate. Full Tariff Rate is a service provided by Indian Rail who want to or rather have to buy bulk tickets at a time. FTR is extremely useful in these situations. But for now, this facility is only available for Western […]

Full Form of ARP in Railway

ARP Full Form: Advance Reservation Period ARP Full Form is Advance Reservation Period. Advance Reservation Period refers to the time period prior to when the person intends to start his journey by train. It is mainly associated with rail ticket reservation. A passenger can take help of this advance reservation system if he wants to […]

FATHER Full Form Name

Full Form of FATHER : The term FATHER does not have any full form. This word is used to refer a Male who impregnates a Female and gives birth to a child. Nevertheless, there is a hypothetical Full Form of FATHER which refers F – Friendly; A – Approachable; T – Thoughtful; H – Heroic; […]

BPL Full Form Name

Full Form of BPL : Below Poverty Line BPL Full Form is Below Poverty Line. This term is associated with Indian and is the economic benchmark or poverty threshold applied by the Indian government. This is to refer to the economical disadvantage in order to categorize or identify households and individuals requiring government aid. BPL […]

Full Form of NEWS

Full Form of NEWS : North East West South Full Form of NEWS is North East West South (or) NEWest Information. This is a very hypothetical term assigned to NEWs. Essentially, the term news refers to the packaged information given on current happenings and events and broadcasted. News can be referred as the passing on […]