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Full Form of TA and DA

TA – Travelling Allowance DA – Dearness Allowance Full Form of TA and DA is Travelling Allowance¬† & Dearness Allowance. TA and DA are usually given to employees of an organization. Let us shed some light on TA and DA Full Form. TA – Travelling Allowance Travelling Allowance (TA) is a sum of money or […]

PDF Full Form Name

Full Form of PDF: Portable Document Format PDF Full Form is Portable Document Format. PDF is a file format that is designed to display documents in a manner that they do not depend on upon the kind of operating system, hardware, or software. One feature of PDF documents is that they have the property to […]

SIT Full Form Name

Full Form of SIT: Special Investigation Team SIT Full Form is Special Investigation Team. SIT is a team that contains specialists from various fields related to criminal investigation policies. SIT is a bunch of highly credible professionals who can handle cases of special interests. We can’t see the involvement of SITs in every special case, […]

NIC Full Form Name

Full Form of NIC: National Industrial Classification NIC Full Form is National Industrial Classification. NIC is a standard coding system, used in India, to categorize and classify various industrial fields by assigning each of them with unique codes. NIC plays a critical and crucial role in terms of maintaining data, and statistics of different industrial […]

ICE Full Form Name

Full Form of ICE: In Case of Emergency ICE Full Form is In Case of Emergency. ICE refers to the system of contacting the close relative of the person who is in need of emergency support. This system is designed and developed to help the people in case of any sort of emergency. ICE basically […]

BCE Full Form Name

Full Form of BCE: Before Common Era BCE Full Form is Before Common Era. BCE is a calendar dating system that helps to identify and mark any date or day before the birth of Jesus Christ. In other words, BCE is quite similar to BC (Before Christ). Both of these systems use a similar and […]

ZIP Full Form Name

Full Form of ZIP Code: Zone Improvement Plan ZIP Code Full Form is Zone Improvement Plan. ZIP is a postal program that helps to identify each postal zone by a unique number called ZIP Code allotted to it. Simply and typically, it is a mail coding system used by the USPS (United States Postal Services). […]

UFO Full Form Name

Full Form of UFO: Unidentified Flying Object UFO Full Form is Unidentified Flying Object. UFO refers to any flying anomaly in the sky that is not identifiable through common human knowledge. UFO is basically related to the much-debated topic of extraterrestrial life. It indicates the existence of alien beings from other planets. This term was […]

NRLM Full Form Name

Full Form of NRLM: National Rural Livelihood Mission NRLM Full Form is National Rural Livelihood Mission. NRLM is a rural development programme intended to alleviate the standards of livelihood of the people who lives in rural areas. This programme emphasizes on the self-employment of the poor people so that they can raise their income-generation capacity […]

ID Full Form Name

Full Form of ID: Identity Document ID Full Form is Identity Document. ID refers to any sort of document that helps to determine the identity of an individual. It also provides detail about the various aspects of that individual’s individuality. IDs are used to separately recognize a person from the midst of billions of human […]