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PC Full Form Name

Full Form of PC: Personal Computer PC Full Form is Personal Computer. PC  is a computer that is intended for the general purpose usage b the individual users. It can be directly operated by the end user. These are relatively small in size and inexpensive in price compared to the larger computers that are more […]

VISA Full Form Name

Full Form of VISA: Charta Visa (Latin Term) VISA Full Form is Charta Visa. It is a Latin term and the meaning of the term is “paper that has been seen”. VISA is an authorized paper issued to a person by a certain country. VISA is issued by countries mainly to the foreigners as an […]

PRO Full Form Name

Full Form of PRO: Public Relations Officer PRO Full Form is Public Relations Officer. PRO is a professional designation related to management of public relations, communications, and public affairs of an organization. This designation is also referred to as CCO ( Chief Communicating Officer ). PROs play a key role in the management, administration, and […]

IFS Full Form Name

Full Form of IFS: Indian Foreign Service IFS Full Form is Indian Foreign Service. IFS is an executive civil service branch of the Central Civil Services. It is diplomatic and administrative service. The officers of IFS are related to foreign policy administrations, execution conduction of diplomacy. Created in 1946 and headquartered in New Delhi, IFS […]

AD Full Form Name

Full Form of AD: Anno Domini AD Full Form is Anno Domini. AD refers to the calendar dating system of Julian and Gregorian calendars that are mostly and commonly used in the Western World. It marks the difference in years from the birth of Jesus Christ to the current date. So, according to this system, […]

TDR Full Form Name

Full Form of TDR: Ticket Deposit Receipt TDR Full Form is Ticket Deposit Receipt. TDR is a return or refund policy of travel fare in railways. It is allotted and validated when a passenger becomes unable to conduct the journey. TDR is mostly implemented on reserved tickets. A passenger can file a TDR request if […]

HUF Full Form Name

Full Form of HUF: Hindu Undivided Family HUF Full Form is Hindu Undivided Family. HUF refers to the jointly structured family where all members of a family (devoted to Hindu religion) live together. The members of such family are linked to each other under a relationship tree or diagram. This type of families can be […]

ESI Full Form Name

Full Form of ESI: Employees’ State Insurance ESI Full Form is Employees’ State Insurance. ESI is a social security programme for the workers in India. This programme is self-financed. It deals with health insurance of workers and helps to maintain the economical stability through the utilization of this financial programme. The legalized act for ESI […]

CMD Full Form Name

Full Form of CMD: Chairman & Managing Director CMD Full Form is Chairman & Managing Director. CMD is a professional designation attributed to those persons who direct the management and lead the Board of Directors of a company at the same time. This is a designation that can be created by the merger of two […]

EPC Full Form Name

Full Form of EPC: Engineering Procurement Construction EPC Full Form is Engineering Procurement Construction. EPC is a common, prominent, and valid form of preparing an agreement for large-scale projects in various industries that are related to construction. In this agreement, a head contractor is selected by the client. The contractor is selected on certain specifications […]