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AWB Full Form Name

Full Form of AWB: Air Waybill AWB Full Form is Air Waybill. AWB is essentially a receipt that international airline issues for the purposes of goods. Known as an air consignment note, the receipt is an evidence that there is a contract of carriage and is not merely a document of title to such goods. […]

AWOL Full Form Name

Full Form of AWOL: Absence Without Official Leave AWOL Full Form is Absence Without Official Leave. AWOL is essentially a popular military term used in the United States for the purposes of describing a soldier or any other military personnel who is absent from work without any official permission. It is usually used to express […]

GB Road Full Form Name

Full Form of GB Road: Garstin Bastion Road GB Road Full Form is Garstin Bastion Road. A road in Delhi, that connects Lahori Gate and Ajmeri Gate, is referred to as the GB Road or Garstin Bastion Road. In Delhi, it is the biggest red light district. This area consists of a large number of […]

ACSR Full Form Name

Full Form of ACSR: Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable ACSR Full Form is Aluminum Conductor Steel-Reinforced cable. A conductor of high strength and capacity utilized in overhead power lines is called ACSR or Aluminum conductor steel-reinforced cable. The outer strands of this cable are made of aluminum of high purity. Aluminum is used because of its […]

AC Full Form Name

Full Form of AC: Alternating Current AC Full Form is Alternating Current. The electric current in which the electric charge’s flow is reversed periodically is called AC or Alternating Current. It is different from DC or Direct Current, in which the charges flow in one direction only. The electric power is transmitted and delivered to […]

AAA Full Form Name

Full Form of AAA: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting AAA Full Form is Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. The framework which controls the access to the resources related to computers intelligently, and provides the information essential for services, audits the usage and enforces the necessary policies is called the AAA or Authentication, Authorization and Accounting framework. The […]

USA Full Form Name

Full Form of USA: United States of America USA Full Form is United States of America. We are talking about the only superpower of the world, which holds a key position in almost every economical, political, demographical area. It is not just a political super power but also one of most developed nations in the […]

TTE Full Form Name

Full Form of TTE: Travelling Ticket Examiner TTE Full Form is Travelling Ticket Examiner. An Indian railway is one of the largest railways network in the world thereby creating ample of career opportunities in Railways. The job is railway is one of the highly preferred jobs by candidates. Travelling Ticket Examiners is a Railway employee, […]

MP Full Form Name

Full Form of MP: Member of Parliament MP Full Form is Member of Parliament. A member of parliament is a voter representative in the parliament. In many countries, there are two houses in the parliament (bicameral parliament). In such parliaments MPs generally represents the lower house, members of the upper house often have a different […]

FOR Full Form Name

Full Form of FOR: Freight on Road FOR Full Form is Freight on Road. Roads are considered to be efficient and one of the quickest modes of transport. Freight on Road (F.O.R) is direct charges imposed for using roads, road tolls, congestion charges ,distance-based fees. The charges are levied to put off the use of […]