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NCR Full Form Name: NCR Meaning

Full Form of NCR: National Capital Region NCR Full Form is National Capital Region. NCR is the name of the metropolitan area that covers the complete territory of the National Capital of India – Delhi. This not only includes the Delhi metro regions but also includes the urban surroundings that belong to UP, Haryana, and […]

TRP Full Form Name: TRP Meaning

Full Form of TRP: Television Rating Point TRP Full Form is Television Rating Point.TRP is a tool which reveals the number of viewers of TV channels and is helpful to understand the popularity of a program or channel. This data is highly useful for statistical purposes and for advertising companies to determine the target audience […]

BPO Full Form Name: BPO Meaning

Full Form of BPO: Business Process Outsourcing BPO Full Form is Business Process Outsourcing. BPO is a practice that refers to the procedure of companies and businesses giving contracts to a third party in order to perform particular tasks or processes on their behalf. BPO can be divided into two types – front office and […]

INDIA Full Form Name: INDIA Meaning

Full Form of INDIA : Independent Nation and Democratic In Asia Independent Nation Declared In August Full Form of INDIA can be Independent Nation and Democratic in Asia (or) Independent Nation Declared in August. The term INDIA is not a short form or abbreviation or acronym. INDIA is a country in Asia. Technically speaking, INDIA […]

RSVP Full Form Name: RSVP Meaning

Full Form of RSVP: Repondez S’il Vous Plait (Please Reply) RSVP Full Form is ‘Repondez S’il Vous Plait’. RSVP is a French Phrase and the meaning of Repondez S’il Vous Plait’ is ‘Please Respond’ (or) ‘Please Reply’. If an invitation has RSVP written on it, the person who receives that invitation is expected to respond […]

ATM Full Form Name: ATM Meaning

Full Form of ATM: Automated Teller Machine ATM Full Form is Automated Teller Machine. ATM is a computerized machine placed by the local banks in various places of a city or town to enable customers to access their accounts and perform certain banking operations. Depending on the country the term ATM has different names like; […]