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DVD Full Form Name: DVD Meaning

Full Form of DVD : Digital Video Disc (or) Digital Versatile Disc DVD Full Form can either be termed as Digital Video Disc or Digital Versatile Disc. This technology uses an optical media to store the digital data. Though a DVD is similar to a CD in size, the storage capacity of the DVD is […]

CFL Full Form Name: CFL Meaning

Full Form of CFL : Compact Fluorescent Lamp CFL Full Form is Compact Fluorescent Lamp. CFL is a fluorescent bulb which is compressed to the size of an incandescent bulb. In fact, they are the smaller versions of the standard fluorescent bulbs and consume very less energy. Thus, they can directly be replaced in place […]

RTO Full Form Name: RTO Meaning

Full Form of RTO : Regional Transport Office RTO Full Form is Regional Transport Office. RTO is one of the bureaus of Government of India, which was established under the act of 1988. The primary responsibility of RTO is to take care of registration of all types of vehicles, issue of DL or driver’s license, […]

OK Full Form Name: OK Meaning

Full Form of OK : All Right (or) Correct (or) Agreed OK Full Form refers to ‘All Right (or) Correct (or) Agreed’. It is believed that during 1838, in Boston, people used various short form expressions like ‘GT-gone to Texas’; NG-no go; SP-small potatoes; etc. One of the expressions includes OW, which was Oll Wright, […]

PCS Full Form Name: PCS Meaning

Full Form of PCS : Personal Communication Service PCS Full Form refers to Personal Communication Service, which is almost the same as cellular phone service. PCS is also a wireless service but with special features that emphasize extended mobility and personal service. It can also be termed as ‘digital cellular’ and requires several antennas for […]

IPS Full Form Name: IPS Meaning

Full Form of IPS : Indian Police Service IPS Full Form is Indian Police Service. IPS is basically concerned with the governance and maintenance of law and order of the country. This is one of the most prestigious and most responsible positions in India. An individual who has qualified and appointed as IPS officer is […]

SMS Full Form Name: SMS Meaning

Full Form of SMS : Short Message Service SMS Full Form is Short Message Service. SMS is a service that allows short messages to be sent on smart phones and various mobile devices. It is meant to be a ‘short’ message with just 160 characters including numbers, letters, and symbols. It has become a very […]

CCTV Full Form Name: CCTV Meaning

Full Form of CCTV : Closed Circuit Television CCTV Full Form is Closed-Circuit Television. Also called as ‘Video Surveillance’, it comprises a video camera or cameras that capture the image and transfers the same to monitors placed in desired locations. Unlike a Television, CCTV transmits a signal between two points or multiple points based on […]

PS Full Form Name: PS Meaning

Full Form of PS or P.S. PostScript PS Full Form is ‘PostScript’, which is derived from Latin words ‘Post Scriptum’. PS is one of the most used terms in letters, emails, etc. It essentially means, ‘written after’. It is commonly used below the signature part or at the end of the letter. PS can just […]

ETA Full Form Name: ETA Meaning

Full Form of ETA : Estimated Time of Arrival  (or) Expected Time of Arrival ETA Full Form is Expected Time of Arrival (or) Estimated Time of Arrival . This term indicates the time and date at which public transportation like flights, trains, and ships are expected to arrive at the given destinations. Whenever we travel […]