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GAAP Full Form Name: GAAP Meaning

Full Form of GAAP: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP Full Form is Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. GAAP refers to a set of standard set of regulations that determine the widely accepted framework for financial accounting purposes. This framework is acknowledged and accepted by almost all financial organizations involved in practicing standard accounting parameters. The principles […]

CCR Full Form Name: CCR Meaning

Full Form of CCR: Company Credit Report CCR Full Form is Company Credit Report. CCR is an extensively researched and summarized financial report based on the credit eligibility and financial condition of a company. It is mainly designed to provide the investors with a deep insight into the risk levels of investing in the business […]

BP Full Form Name: BP Meaning

Full Form of BP: Basis Point BP Full Form is Basis Point. BP is a mathematical unit that is mainly used in financial sectors. This is a convenient alternative for the percentage measurement. In a case of the percentage, measurement is too small, BP units come into use. 1BP is equal to 0.01%, therefore, 10000BPs […]

BOI Full Form Name: BOI Meaning

Full Form of BOI: Bank Of India BOI Full Form is Bank Of India. BOI is an Indian commercial bank. The bank is well renowned and widespread. It provides updated and advanced banking and financial services across India. A group (specifically numbering in 10) of eminent businessmen from Mumbai decided to establish this bank on […]

PMP Full Form Name: PMP Meaning

Full Form of PMP: Project Management Professionals PMP Full Form is Project Management Professionals. PMP or Project Management Professionals are certified Project managers who are capable of handling high-end projects in the specific industry. The PMP certification can be taken for different industries by experienced professionals in the specific industry which showcases the learning, experience, […]

SENSEX Full Form Name: SENSEX Meaning

Full Form of SENSEX: Stock Exchange Sensitive Index SENSEX Full Form is Stock Exchange Sensitive Index. SENSEX is a free floating stock market index or indicator based upon the market-weight at the time of calculation. This index shows the market-weight of 30 Indian companies which are involved in major business sectors, and which are reputed, […]

OCC Full Form Name: OCC Meaning

Full Form of OCC: Open Cash Credit OCC Full Form is Open Cash Credit. OCC is a banking system or process which grants the companies to utilize money, on a daily basis, to a sanctioned limit. The borrower can apply for sanction of loan to a certain limit. This money gets deposited into the company’s […]

BTST Full Form Name: BTST Meaning

Full Form of BTST: Buy Today Sell Tomorrow BTST Full Form is Buy Today Sell Tomorrow. BTST is a unique facility related to buying and selling of shares. This facility is exclusively provided by the prominent stockbrokers and trade agencies. For example, this facility is provided by the ICICI bank through ICICI Direct, an expert […]

PMI Full Form Name: PMI Meaning

Full Form of PMI: Purchasing Managers’ Index PMI Full Form is Purchasing Managers’ Index. PMI is a standard indicator, in the business sector, that efficiently determines and indicates various parameters of the economic health of private sector business organizations. This indication is derived from monthly surveys conducted on the companies. Te principle and notable organizations […]

ICICI Bank Full Form Name: ICICI Meaning

Full Form of ICICI: Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India ICICI Bank Full Form stands for Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India. ICICI is an Indian financial institution founded in 1994 and has its headquarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It offers various banking and financial services to retail customers and corporates in areas like […]