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FTSE Full Form Name: FTSE Meaning

Full Form of FTSE: Financial Times Stock Exchange FTSE Full Form is Financial Times Stock Exchange. FTSE is the operator of a share index related to the business position of 100 companies that are listed on the London Stock Exchange. This index is operated and supervised by FTSE Group which is an important and wholly […]

DD Full Form Name: DD Meaning

Full Form of DD: Demand Draft DD Full Form is Demand Draft. DD is a draft related to financial services. It can be encashed and converted into money on demand. It is a pre-paid financial instrument that is negotiable. DD includes specific information like the name of the payer as well as the name of […]

CRR Full Form Name: CRR Meaning

Full Form of CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio CRR Full Form is Cash Reserve Ratio. CRR refers to the minimum amount of reserved funds or deposits that a bank has to maintain. It is often referred to as Reserve Requirement. In almost every country, CRR system is used to maintain balance in the financial system by […]

BNP Paribas Full Form Name Meaning

Full Form of BNP Paribas: Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas BNP Paribas Full Form is Banque Nationale de Paris and Paribas. BNP Paribas is a multinational commercial bank that primarily origins from France. This bank is one of the largest and most trusted, active, widespread, and advanced financial institutions across the globe. BNP Paribas […]

ABN AMRO Full Form Name Meaning

Full Form of ABN AMRO: Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) AMsterdam ROtterdam (AMRO) ABN AMRO Full Form is Algemene Bank Nederland (ABN) AMsterdam ROtterdam (AMRO). ABN AMRO is a bank in Netherland that is under public ownership. This bank was established in 1991 as a result of the merger of ABN and AMRO Bank. This bank […]

UBI Full Form Name: UBI Meaning

Full Form of UBI: Union Bank of India UBI Full Form is Union Bank of India. UBI is a large and renowned public sector bank in India. It is counted among the largest banks that are owned by the Government. This bank was established on 11th November in 1919. Its head office in Mumbai was […]

POS Full Form Name: POS Meaning

Full Form of POS: Point Of Sale POS Full Form is Point Of Sale. POS is a method of capturing payment detail of the customer and also the product detail when products are bought at a store. It is a computerized network that records these details. We can track the use of first and earliest […]

PNB Full Form Name: PNB Meaning

Full Form of PNB: Punjab National Bank PNB Full Form is Punjab National Bank. PNB is an Indian bank that offers unique and upgraded services to its customers both at domestic level and in international level. This bank was founded by various Swadeshi leaders during the fight for independence in India. Lala Lajpat Rai, Dyal […]

IOU Full Form Name: IOU Meaning

Full Form of IOU: I Owe You IOU Full Form is I Owe You. IOU is an informal note or agreement made between the creditor and the debtor. It is not acknowledged on the basis of real-time validity. But, creditors use such kind of notes when the borrowing amount is small or not too huge. […]

IOB Full Form Name: IOB Meaning

Full Form of IOB: Indian Overseas Bank IOB Full Form is Indian Overseas Bank. IOB is a renowned, major, and established public sector Indian bank. It is one of those banks that believe in the use of updated technology and start to use the adequate technology at the earliest. This bank was established on 10th […]