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FCA Full Form Name: FCA Meaning

Full Form of FCA: Fellow Chartered Accountant FCA Full Form is Fellow Chartered Accountant. FCA is a globally known and recognized professional designation for expert accountants related to the sectors of finance and business. FCAs are highly skilled, specialists, and experienced in their jobs. FCA can be considered as a sub-group of CA (Chartered Accountant). […]

ECC Full Form in Excise: ECC Meaning

Full Form of ECC: Excise Control Code ECC Full Form is Excise Control Code. ECC is a unique code that is issued by the Department of Revenue in India to all the assessees that are validly registered under the authority of the Central Excise Board. It is a sort of registration number. ECC is issued […]

DBS Full Form Name: DBS Meaning

Full Form of DBS: Development Bank of Singapore DBS Full Form is Development Bank of Singapore. DBS is a multinational, public sector company related to financial and banking services. This bank is based in Singapore. Earlier, DBS was involved in only domestic regional markets, but later it expanded its business in global range. It is […]

COB Full Form Name: COB Meaning

Full Form of COB: Close Of Business COB Full Form is Close Of Business. COB refers to the point of time when the trading activities in a financial market cease or stop. It marks the end of trading business for a day. It is often referred to as EOD ( End Of Day), COP ( […]

CA Full Form Name: CA Meaning

Full Form of CA: Chartered Accountant CA Full Form is Chartered Accountant. CA is a globally recognized professional designation in the field of finance and business. Professionals of this designation are highly qualified individuals who have specialized expertise in taxation, management of general and financial issues, audit etc. These professionals are engaged in all type […]

YES BANK Full Form Name Meaning

Full Form of YES BANK: Youth Enterprise Scheme Bank YES BANK Full Form is Youth Enterprise Scheme Bank. YES Bank is an Indian commercial private sector bank. This bank operates in all states and union territories in India. It was founded by Rana Kapoor, a notable Indian banker. It is considered as the fastest growing […]

UBS Full Form Name: UBS Meaning

Full Form of UBS: United Bank of Switzerland UBS Full Form is United Bank of Switzerland. UBS is a multinational, public sector Swiss company that operates in the sector of financial services. This bank was formed in 1998 as a result of the merger between Union Bank of Switzerland and Swiss Bank Corporation. Another organization […]

SBI Full Form Name: SBI Meaning

Full Form of SBI: State Bank of India SBI Full Form is State Bank of India. SBI is an Indian public sector bank that is completely owned by the Indian government. SBI provides services not only in India, it also has a notable international presence as well. The Imperial Bank of India was renamed and […]

RBI Full Form Name: RBI Meaning

Full Form of RBI: Reserve Bank of India RBI Full Form is Reserve Bank of India. RBI is the central bank of India that determines the regulatory policies regarding the monetary system of Indian currency and other financial implications. It is considered as a Banker’s Bank because Indian commercial banks hold their accounts in RBI. […]

JP MORGAN Full Form Name Meaning

Full Form of JP MORGAN: John Pierpont Morgan JP MORGAN Full Form is John Pierpont Morgan. JP Morgan is a multinational public sector bank that primarily origins from the United States of America. It is generally known as J. P. Morgan Chase & Co. This bank is named after its founder John Pierpont Morgan. It’s […]