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GST Full Form Name: GST Meaning

Full Form of GST: Goods and Services Tax GST Full Form is Goods and Services Tax. GST is basically is a proposed indirect taxation system in India. This system merges the majority of the current taxes into a single taxation system. The GST would be an indirect tax that will completely cover consumption of services […]

BOY Full Form Name: BOY Meaning

Full Form of BOY: Bank of Yokohama BOY Full Form is Bank of Yokohama. Bank of Yokohama, which is natively known as Kabushiki kaishaYokohamaginko, refers to a Japanese regional bank, which operates majorly in the Kanagawa prefecture and some parts of south-western Tokyo. BOY is presently one of the major banks in the country and […]

NHB Full Form Name: NHB Meaning

Full Form of NHB: National Housing Bank NHB Full Form is National Housing Bank. NHB refers to an entirely owned subsidiary of the Apex bank of India, the Reserve Bank of India (abbreviated as RBI). It was founded on July 9, 1988, vide the National Housing Bank Act 1987. NHB is essentially a premier financial […]

SIDBI Full Form Name: SIDBI Meaning

Full Form of SIDBI: Small Industries Development Bank of India SIDBI Full Form is Small Industries Development Bank of India. SIDBI refers to an autonomous financial institution targeted at aiding the development and growth of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It started as an agency to various state level financial institutions and banks for […]

EXIM Full Form Name: EXIM Meaning

Full Form of EXIM: Export and Import Bank of India EXIM Full Form is Export and Import Bank of India. EXIM refers to a major export finance institution operating in India. It was founded in the year 1982 by virtue of the enforcement of the Export-Import Bank of India Act 1981. Ever since its foundation, […]

CARE Full Form Name: CARE Meaning

Full Form of CARE: Credit Analysis & Research CARE Full Form is Credit Analysis & Research. CARE is presently the second biggest credit rating agency in the country and started operations in the year 1993. CARE ratings have come up as a leading agency that covers various rating segments such as sub-sovereigns, IP gradings, banks, […]

CDR Full Form Name: CDR Meaning

Full Form of CDR: Corporate Debt Restructuring CDR Full Form is Corporate Debt Restructuring. CDR is an important aspect in any corporate set-up. It is essentially a non-statutory, voluntary system which is premised on the Inter-Creditor Agreement (abbreviated as ICA), the Debtor-Creditor Agreement (abbreviated as DCA) and the principles relating to approvals by super-majority of […]

CBS Full Form Name: CBS Meaning

Full Form of CBS: Core Banking Solutions CBS Full Form is Core Banking Solutions. CBS is a process that is finished in a centralized environment that is under which any information regarding the account of a customer such as profession, financial dealings, family members, income, etc saved in the Bank’s Central Server which is available […]

USD Full Form Name: USD Meaning

Full Form of USD: United States Dollar USD Full Form is United States Dollar. USD, which is indicated by the symbol $, is the official currency of the United States of America. A USD is divided into 100 cent units. A USD is actually a fiat money and is notably the currency which is most […]

FIFO Full Form Name: FIFO Meaning

Full Form of FIFO: First In First Out FIFO Full Form is First In First Out. The technique used for evaluation and management of assets is known as the FIFO or First in First Out method. In this technique, the acquired or produced assets are disposed or sold by a corporation or an individual and […]