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CGPA Full Form Name: CGPA Meaning

Full Form of CGPA: Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA Full Form is Cumulative Grade Point Average. CGPA is a grading system used in schools or colleges to measure the academic performance of students. CGPA gives the final average of all grade points that are obtained in all subjects other than the additional subject.  However, based […]

CBSE Full Form Name: CBSE Meaning

Full Form of CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE Full Form is Central Board of Secondary Education. CBSE is one of the popular boards of education for private and public schools run under the Union of Government of India. CBSE was set up in the year 1962 and has its headquarters in New Delhi, […]

ITI Full Form Name: ITI Meaning

Full Form of ITI: Industrial Training Institute ITI Full Form is Industrial Training Institute. ITI is an educational institute which trains candidates in the technical field. It trains students in the trades of Fitter, Plumber, Welder, Mechanic, Electrical, Carpenter, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning etc. ITI courses are authorized by DGET or Directorate General of Employment […]

GRE Full Form Name: GRE Meaning

Full Form of GRE: Graduate Record Examination GRE Full Form is Graduate Record Examination. Students who wish to seek admissions in the United States, Canada, and the UK are expected to clear the Graduate Record Examination. It is an examination or test with several multiple-choice questions in order to test the responsive ability of a […]

ICSE Full Form Name: ICSE Meaning

Full Form of ICSE: Indian Certificate of Secondary Education ICSE Full Form is Indian Certificate of Secondary Education. ICSE is an examination conducted for the SSLC/10th Class students in India. The exam is conducted by CISCE which is the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. CISCE is an NGO which conducts the examination in […]

MBA Full Form Name: MBA Meaning

Full Form of MBA: Master of Business Administration MBA Full Form is Master of Business Administration. MBA is a postgraduate degree in Business Management which enables students to build their career in Business Administration.The MBA course varies between 12 months to 3 years, based on whether it is part time course or full-time course. Let […]

PhD Full Form Name: PhD Meaning

Full Form of PhD : Doctor of Philosophy PhD Full Form is ‘Doctor of Philosophy’ (or) Doctor Philosophiae (Latin). It is the highest academic degree awarded by universities in most countries. PhD degree is also referred by different abbreviations like Ph.D, D.Phil (or) PhD, DPhil depending upon the country awarding the degree. A person who […]

LLB Full Form Name: LLB Meaning

Full Form of LLB: Bachelor of Laws LLB Full Form is Bachelor of Laws, which is also implied by the Latin term ‘Legum Baccalaureus’. LLB is a professional undergraduate degree offered to students who wish to pursue their career in the legal profession. In the Latin language plural form of a word is usually obtained […]