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ECE Full Form Name: ECE Meaning

Full Form of ECE: Electronics and Communication Engineering ECE Full Form is Electronics and Communication Engineering. ECE is basically a field of engineering which usually deals with the application of electronics, electricity, and electromagnetism. It became a recognized occupation during the 19th century upon the commercialisation of the telephone, electric telegraph, and electric power use […]

Full Forms of Various Abbreviations

Here are the Full Forms of various abbreviations and acronyms. These abbreviations/acronyms are categorized as Technological Terms, Finance Terms, Education Terms, Internet Terms, Medical Terms, Organizational Terms, etc. We have provided not only the Full Forms of  abbreviations, but also some useful information about the abbreviations/acronyms. The additional information provided will be helpful for those […]

BCS Full Form Name: BCS Meaning

Full Form of BCS: Bachelor of Computer Science BCS Full Form is Bachelor of Computer Science. BCS is an undergraduate course in Computer Science. Computer Science is part of engineering science which involves principles and practical use of computers. The duration of the course is 3 years, with varying number of semesters that are usually […]

BAU Full Form Name: BAU Meaning

Full Form of BAU: Bihar Agricultural University BAU Full Form is Bihar Agricultural University. BAU is an autonomous institution functioning the Bihar State Government and was established in the year 2010 under the aegis of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (abbreviated as ICAR) located at Sabour in the Bhagalpur district of the State of […]

CAIIB Full Form Name: CAIIB Meaning

Full Form of CAIIB: Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers CAIIB Full Form is Certified Associate of Indian Institute of Bankers. CAIIB is an examination conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance (abbreviated as IIBF). It is aimed at provisioning advanced knowledge required for better decision-making relating to risk, general bank managements, […]

JAIIB Full Form Name: JAIIB Meaning

Full Form of JAIIB: Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers JAIIB Full Form is Junior Associate of the Indian Institute of Bankers. JAIIB is a course provided by the Indian Institute of Banking and Finance. It aims at provisioning required standard of basic knowledge in areas related to banking services, customer relations, banking […]

CET Full Form Name: CET Meaning

Full Form of CET: Common Entrance Test CET Full Form is Common Entrance Test. CET refers to various examinations conducted for the admission in various undergraduate and post-graduate courses in India. A student who aspires to pursue a degree course in areas of engineering, dental, medical, law, architecture, etc has to enrol himself or herself […]

BHU Full Form Name: BHU Meaning

Full Form of BHU: Banaras Hindu University BHU Full Form is Banaras Hindu University. BHU refers to a public central university which is situated in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. The university was founded by PanditMadan Mohan Malviya in the year 1916. It is presently among the largest residential universities in the Asian continent, with more than […]

MA Full Form Name: MA Meaning

Full Form of MA: Master of Arts MA Full Form is Master of Arts. The MA or Master of Arts degree is a kind of master’s degree which is awarded in a large number of nations. It is different from the MS degree. The students who get admission in its study program studies subjects like […]

PGDM Full Form Name: PGDM Meaning

Full Form of PGDM: Post Graduate Diploma in Management PGDM Full Form is Post Graduate Diploma in Management. PGDM is basically a post graduation diploma degree in the field of management. The duration of this program is two years. The main focus of this program resides in making the students aware of the corporate culture […]