BTW Full Form Name: BTW Meaning

Full Form of BTW:

By The Way

BTW Full Form is By The Way. By the Way, which is often abridged into BTW, is famous internet slang that intends to draw the attention of a listener or reader to a matter. The matter so stated may be important or secondary to the conversation. The primary intention is to draw the attention of the other party.

Internet slangs have taken over the world of informal conversations. This rampant increase in the use of internet slangs in daily conversation is attributed to the rise of text messaging and social networking websites. The need to make conversations short and sweet has resulted in a whole new trend. There can be internet slangs for almost anything and mind you, some are even crazier than one can imagine.

Our subject of discussion is, however, not a crazy or unusual internet slang. We are going to talk about the slang BTW, which means By the way.  The use of the slang can be understood from the following examples: (1) Rosaline: I will have something nice to eat. Oh, btw, Nigel will join me tonight. (2) Sean: It was a great day at Paul’s. Oh, btw, I wasn’t there; it is just hearsay.

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