BSI Full Form Name: BSI Meaning

Full Form of BSI:

British Standards Institution

BSI Full Form is British Standards Institution. BSI refers to the National Standards body functioning in the United Kingdom. The BSI is involved in the production of technical standards on a range of goods and services as well as in the supply of certification and other standard-related services to enterprises. The BSI was established as the Engineering Standards Committee in the year 1901. Eventually, in the year 1918, the name was changed to the British Engineering Standards Association, which was ultimately changed to its present name in the year 1931 after having received the Royal Charter in the year 1929.

A major revision of the Royal Charter took place in the year 1998, which enabled the body to explore and acquire businesses.The BSI now functions internationally in over 182 countries. Its core areas remain the provision of standards and standards-related services, although a substantial portion of the revenue is derived from the certification work and management systems assessment. The BSI produces the British Standards. It is responsible for the publication of European and International standards in English. It is under an obligation to adopt and publish European Standards in the form of Identical British Standards as well as phase out all pre-existing British Standards that stand in conflict. As far as publication of International standards is concerned, there is no such obligation.

BSI also creates commissioned standards products such as Private Standards and Business Information Publications and the Publicly Available Specifications (abbreviated as PASs). These products are actually commissioned by trade associations and individual organizations for the purposes of meeting their requirements for codes of practices, standardized specifications, and guidelines.  The body is also engaged in the publication of standard-related books, subscription products, web-based solutions, etc. BSI is presently the largest certification body in the world. It examines a wide range of specifications and standards such as ISO 9001 (which deals with Quality), ISO 13585 (which deals quality maintenance systems in medical devices), OHSAS 18001 (which deals with occupational safety and health), etc.

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