BSE Full Form Name: BSE Meaning

Full Form of BSE:

Bombay Stock Exchange

BSE Full Form is Bombay Stock Exchange. BSE is basically an Indian stock exchange situated at Dalal Street, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. The BSE was established in the year 1876, making it the first stock exchange in Asia. It claims that it is the fastest stock exchange in the world. Presently, the BSE is the eleventh biggest stock exchange in the world with market capitalization amounting to $1.7 trillion as of the year 2015. There are more than 5k companies which are listed on the BSE.

BSE started as a gathering of five stockbrokers under banyan trees in front of the Town Hall of Mumbai. The location of subsequent gatherings was never fixed and it frequently changed as the number of brokers increased. The group eventually decided to move to the Dalal Street in the year 1874 and established an organization called the Native Share & Stock Brokers Association in the year 1875. The BSE has received many awards such as the Golden Peacock Global Award for showcasing Excellence in Corporate Governance in the year 2015; the Financial Inclusion Awards in the year 2011, The Indian Merchant Chamber Award in the category “Large Enterprise” for application of Information technology etc.

In the year 1957, the Indian Government recognized the BSE as the first stock Exchange of India vide the Securities Contracts Regulation Act. In the year 1986, the BSE created the BSE SENSEX index, which gave it a mode of measuring its overall performance. In the year 2000, the index was used for the purposes of opening the BSE’s derivative market. The BSE makes use of a screen-based trading platform named called BSE On-Line Trading (abbreviated as BOLT) which has a capacity of handling approximately 8 million orders every day. The BSE is a Partner Exchange at the United Nations Sustainable Exchange Initiative, which it joined in the year 2012.

BSE’s hours of operations are as follows:

  • It conducts its Pre-open trading session from 9:00 to 9:15.
  • The Trading Session lasts from 9:15 to 15:30.
  • The Position Transfer Session is conducted from 15:40 to 16:00.
  • The Closing session is from 15:40 to 16:00.
  • The Option Exercise Session is at 17:07.

The normal trading sessions of the BSE happen on all days barring the weekends and holidays, which are announced by the exchange well in advance.

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