BSA Full Form Name: BSA Meaning

Full Form of BSA:

Business Software Alliance

BSA Full Form is Business Software Alliance. BSA refers to a trade group created by Microsoft Corporation in the year 1988. It represents a great number of the biggest software makers in the world and is a member of the IIPA (which stands for International Intellectual Property Alliance). The primary activity of the BSA is to prevent copyright infringement of those softwarethat are manufactured by its members. The word ‘business’ was dropped in the year 2012 and the group is now referred to as the Software Alliance, though it continues to style itself as BSA. The alliance is funded in theform of membership dues, which is essentially based on the revenues generated by a company’s software and through legal settlements a company brings against infringers.

The BSA is engaged in crusading campaigns such as the Play It Cybersafe campaign, whose objectives include helping students in the understanding and appreciation of the importance of legal software as well as copyrights laws; initiation of discussion on issues such as intellectual honesty, plagiarism and stealing; and encouraging students in the examination of their behaviour using software, the Internet and computers. Another campaign titled Bust Your Boss! is vociferous about reporting theuse of illegal or pirated software by employers in their offices. It is one of the most audacious attempts against defiant employers or former former employers.

Despite being a major representative of software developers, it has been criticized on a few occasions. The BSA is subject to criticism due to its yearly study which it publishes on the issue of software’s copyright infringement. The study attempts to evaluate the level of software’s copyright infringement across the globe as well as the losses such activities incur on the software industry. Many allege that these estimates are overestimated and there are palpable flaws in the methodology adopted in such estimation. Some of the members of the BSA include CA Technologies, Autodesk. Apple Inc, Adobe Systems, McAfee, Dell, Oracle, Rosetta Stone, Rockwell Automation, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Minitab, etc.

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