bps Full Form

bps Full Form is Bits Per Second. “bps” is a standard mathematical unit that is used to measure the data transfer rate for the computer modems and other transmission carriers. This unit is mainly used in the sector of data communication or telecommunication. It allows the system to measure how many bits, in one second, are transferred through a certain point of communicating network.

bps is the lowest measurement rate for an transmission or transfer. It can be very cumbersome and exhaustive to measure the data rate in bps system if millions of bits are being transferred in a single second. That is why IEC (International Electro-technical Commission) has introduced and confirmed some higher and bigger measurement units for data rates.

Just like bps, these bigger measurement rates also use ISQ symbols and SI prefixes like kilo, mega, giga etc. The immediate superior to bps is Bps (Bytes per second). 1 bps is equal to amount to 0.125 Bps. This measurement unit is used in almost every technological sector, but more predominantly in measuring transfer rates of data carriers like modems. If we say that a modem is rated at 20bps, it means that 20bits of data are transferred through that modem in a single second. The higher the bps will be, the faster and convenient download or upload a user can have.

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