BOY Full Form Name: BOY Meaning

Full Form of BOY:

Bank of Yokohama

BOY Full Form is Bank of Yokohama. Bank of Yokohama, which is natively known as Kabushiki kaishaYokohamaginko, refers to a Japanese regional bank, which operates majorly in the Kanagawa prefecture and some parts of south-western Tokyo. BOY is presently one of the major banks in the country and is seventh biggest in terms of market value.

The bank was established in the year 1920 in the form of a regional bank for serving customers in the Kanagawa Prefecture. The bank has 204 functional branches in Japan and established 4 representative offices in London, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and New York. Some of the group companies are Hamagin Finance, Yokohama Staff Service, Yokohama Guarantee, Hamagin Tokai Tokyo Securities, Hamagin Research Institute, Bankcard Service Japan, Hamagin Mortgage Service, Yokohama Staff Service, and Hamagin Business Operations.

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